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  • Q. Who's triumphantly slamming barn door shut after horse bolted at warp 9? A. NordVPN - Anonymous Jerry
  • Hunt or be hunted: Get top advice and training from SANS on how to track'n'thwart #hackers - Anonymous Jerry
  • In a world of #infosec rockstars, shutting down sexual harassment is hard work for victims - Anonymous Jerry
  • DoHn't believe the hype! You are being lied to by data-hungry ISPs, #mozilla warns lawmakers - Anonymous Jerry
  • That’s the silliest defense of Trump, well, since the last one - Phil Resch
  • Photographing Berlin — before and after the fall of the Wall - Phil Resch
  • #ransomware freezes govt IT in Canadian territory of Nunavut, drops citizens right Inuit - Anonymous Jerry
  • Belgian city slurps mobile data to track visitors - Anonymous Jerry
  • Huawei with you! FCC's American Pai proposes rip-and-replace of scary Chinese comms kit - Anonymous Jerry
  • Deepfakes, quantum computing cracking codes, #ransomware... Find out what's really freaking out Uncl... - Anonymous Jerry
  • Row erupts over who to blame after NordVPN says: One of our servers was #hacked via #remote manageme... - Anonymous Jerry
  • Are you as handy with #privacy certs as you are with a screwdriver? Ikea has the perfect vacancy - Anonymous Jerry
  • Would you open #an email from one Dr Brian Fisher? GP app staff did – and they got phished - Anonymous Jerry
  • PSA: Turning off silent macros in #office for Mac leaves users wide open to silent macro attacks - Anonymous Jerry
  • ATTK of the Pwns: Trend Micro's antivirus tools 'will run #malware – if its filename is cmd.exe' - Anonymous Jerry
  • Haxis of evil: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are 'continuous threat' to UK, say spies - Anonymous Jerry
  • Minigame: Celebrate #firefox 70's release by finding a website with 70+ trackers blocked - Anonymous Jerry
  • While #apple fanbois rage at Catalina, iGiant quietly drops #ios and macOS #security patches - Anonymous Jerry
  • Leeds IT bloke pleads guilty to hacking Jet2 CEO's email account - Anonymous Jerry


London Swiss Roll Rasa Blueberry Isi : 24 cake roll Idr 30.000 Format order : . . Nama : Alamat leng

London Swiss Roll Rasa Blueberry Isi : 24 cake roll Idr 30.000 Format order : . . Nama : Alamat lengkap ( kecamatan, kota, provinsi) : Nomer telpon : Orderan ( Kode , Warna, ...

밝은 기분도 아닌데 밝은 척 하고있네 ☃️ Feat. 못난이만 가능한 못낸이표

밝은 기분도 아닌데 밝은 척 하고있네 ☃️ Feat. 못난이만 가능한 못낸이표정...