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  • Parole rejected for Charles Manson follower after 50 years - CP24
  • Three California governors have now blocked parole for an ex-follower of late cult leader Charles Manson. Bruce Davis, now 77, has been in prison for decades for two of the Manson family’s slayings. - AP West Region
  • What else can be expected from the follower of terrorist Godse and Savarkar, these were the people who justified Rape as the political tool. When you question this objectification of women, you might become a threat to the sovereignty of India. - TALIM(ambedkar/periyar)
  • Charles Manson follower who carried out double murder for the 'family' 50 years ago has parole blocked - Daily Mail US
  • A third consecutive California governor is blocking parole for a former follower of late cult leader Charles Manson. - Nightline
  • The #zerocarbonbill is a start, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. And it flies in the face of John Key's "let's be a fast follower" approach to climate change. - David Cormack
  • Parole rejected again for Charles Manson follower. (He participated in the killing of Hinman and Shea.) - Alain41
  • I'm hoping this will balance twitter so everyone gets to voice their opinions on topics, instead of just being drowned out by high follower accounts. - MalwareTech
  • California blocked the parole of Bruce Davis, a Charles Manson follower imprisoned for his involvement in a pair of killings in 1969. - New York Daily News
  • We will always welcome the Sikh pilgrims with open arms, but it’s your home only if you are a Pakistani ! Also as a follower of GuruNanak shld u not seek justice 4 Kashmiris colonised by India #? This is beginning of peace, says Sunny Deol after Kartarpur - Nasim Zehra
  • Join Us Today for GameDay Blog! Will Give Away this NFL Pin to One Random Follower. All you have to do is click follow and leave a single comment today. Will Notify Via Email - DetroitSportsPodcast
  • "Pinterest removed its Like button almost five years ago and recently disappeared its follower counts, 'because it felt like the social sharing thing was leading to the wrong emotional outcomes for users.'" - Vicky Rideout
  • Anyone else facing this problem? Freaking out because you suddenly have zero followers on Twitter? No, you're not unpopular. - Amarendra Bahubali
  • A great reminder that network effects aren't destiny, and we should focus on allowing for adversarial interoperability... So the next social tools don't need to ask Facebook and Twitter for permission (or remake our follower lists again) - David Wynn
  • Michael: As a big Trump follower, you're highly qualified to enlighten me how anyone could support a clueless oaf who flings rolls of paper towels to hurricane victims . . . instead, of, say bottled water. Looking forward to your response! - Gregory G. Sarno
  • Owning both, I 100% agree with this review. I'm curious why Google is purely being a follower rather than a leader/innovator here - Steve Turner
  • Anyway you're a troll with 1 follower, probably one of the paid trolls commissioned by the Tory party. Goodbye - Lizzy 🌹🌍
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom Rejects Parole For Charles Manson Follower Bruce Davis - CBS Sacramento CBS13


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✒🌸🌿☔💬 سَنَكسَبُ رِهَانَ الحيـاة يومـاً ،؛; مـا گان

✒🌸🌿☔💬 سَنَكسَبُ رِهَانَ الحيـاة يومـاً ،؛; مـا گانَ جهادُنا علىٰ أحلامنا عبَثاً. ؛؛؛؛ . . . . . . . ....

💐🌳🎒👒🍑📕 تمرُّ على الإنسانِ فترة- يريدُ البقاء بمف

💐🌳🎒👒🍑📕 تمرُّ على الإنسانِ فترة- يريدُ البقاء بمفرده، يجلس وحيداً يتأمّل الكون من حوله ويفكر ...


도망치고 싶을 정도의 마음으로 버티는 상황이라면 이미 패배하고 있다는

도망치고 싶을 정도의 마음으로 버티는 상황이라면 이미 패배하고 있다는 상태라는걸 깨달아야 한다 다들 뽜이탱구리🧡👆🏻 . . . . . ...