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  • A QAnon follower is accused of killing a Gambino mob boss in Staten Island. He says he did it because the guy was a member of “the deep state" working to undermine Trump. The case "has perplexed law enforcement officials and mob watchers alike." - Caroline Orr
  • A follower of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory killed a Gambino mob boss in Staten Island because he thought the man was part of "the deep state" scheming against President Trump. His defense lawyers say that makes him legally insane. - The New York Times
  • From Tom Krattenmaker's "Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower": - C. Parker
  • 1/ Got a personal taste of how the QAnon conspiracy works today. After I tweeted an @aliwatkins story about the bizarre case of a QAnon follower accused of killing a mafia boss, it caught the attention of none other than the mysterious Q ... - Mike McIntire
  • Basic rules but true - Karen Swim, APR
  • Where’s Lindsey? After G.O.P. Outcry, Graham Emerges as a Trump Defender - george
  • The charactersitics of great Followers. - Jean Côté
  • Is he a follower of Gandhi? - Prashant Kumar Singh
  • ong before Instagram toyed with removing “likes,” VSCO, an Oakland-based photo-sharing and editing app, built a community devoid of likes, comments and follower counts. - uradn
  • Michigan Catholic Priest Refuses To Offer Communion To Married Lesbian Judge: Do you want to hear a podcast about this - a pastoral & bite sized theological approach from me? If so, let’s get at least 200 news follower, RT’s and responses. Thanks - Fr. Leo Patalinghug
  • @tedcruz shoulda been a follower rather than a failure. Only one choice in life. - Dale Scott Manning
  • Incorrect. Once he seemed to make Japan independent from US but eventually he made Japan just a follower to US. Abe has been pushing this way furthermore. Neither of them patriot. - seimim0905
  • Not a follower of the royals but always liked princess anne...love her even more now. - Carrie Jones
  • To be a great leader, you first need to learn how to be a great follower. - Chris Maxwell
  • How terror unfolded on the streets of London Ur mayors follower so enjoy - thaiparampil
  • What you learn as a #follower can prepare you to be a greater #leader! Therefore, there's nothing wrong with being a great follower more so when you're following with a #leadership intent - Gurjot Bhatia
  • Duncan Hunter announces plan to resign - Susan C
  • In other countries, GPS devices have been used for the last two decades by the supply chain industry to improve operational efficiencies. India has been a slow follower. - Economic Times
  • Few people understand that to be a good leader, you first need to be a great follower. As Aristotle said, "He who cannot be a good follower, cannot be a good leader." - Rootbind