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  • Jimmy Kimmel Reacts to Trump NATO Video: 'You Know You're a Mess When' Boris Johnson Is Making Fun of You - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • Trump lying about knowing prince Andrew is one of my favorite trump lies because there are pictures. - Molly Jong-Fast
  • As Trudeau well knows, Canada is as vulnerable to Trump’s unpredictability as any country, with us so dependent on it for economic growth and diplomatic support, not to mention friendship and like-mindedness. It was a bad time to diss him. @hscoffield - Toronto Star
  • "I don't know Prince Andrew, but it's a tough story, it's a very tough story," Trump told reporters on Tuesday. That's quite different from what he told PEOPLE in 2000, saying of Andrew then, "He's not pretentious. He's a lot of fun to be with." - Kyle Griffin
  • Don’t blame Justin Trudeau. It’s about time world leaders made fun of Donald Trump - Janis Sexton
  • ‘The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show’ is campy, weird, retro fun. Read our review - Rolling Stone
  • One of the most popular features in "Highlights For Children" is Hidden Pictures that challenges kids to find small pictures inside a larger scene. It's one of several legacy features that are recurring elements of the magazine. - NPR
  • Justin Trudeau picked a really bad time to make fun of Donald Trump|The Star “Some damage control to do” with Canada dependent on the US for economic growth, diplomatic support, & USMCA ratification, tax approach to tech giants, & bus. confidence in play. - Elizabeth A. Morris
  • "There is another way to see the conversation at Buckingham Palace — as a totally sane, normal reaction to a politician who breaks all the rules of standard political behaviour, both at home and on the world stage." #cdnpoli - ruthko🦂🌈
  • OK. I’ll say it: What’s so wrong about laughing at @realDonaldTrump? Here’s another view of *that* chat, from me, via @TorontoStar: - Susan Delacourt
  • In the fast-paced ever-changing world of children's entertainment, Highlights magazine, founded in 1946, slows things down with short articles and puzzles. - All Things Considered
  • Donald Trump can’t keep his story straight regarding his relationship with Prince Andrew. - HuffPost
  • Donald Trump meets the Queen today. Expectations are high — according to him, his last trip was the most fun she’d had in 25 years. Read more analysis on Trump's trip to London here: - CNN
  • Fun fact: in the case of Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood didn't vilify the FBI and the media, the FBI and media vilified themselves - David Burge
  • #bts And ARMY Celebrate Jin’s Birthday By Sharing Fun Photos And Taking Over Twitter’s Worldwide Trends #jinday #happyjinday - Soompi
  • The disdain of world leaders was too much for Trump’s fragile ego. His followers make fun of liberals for supposedly being “snowflakes” and for being easily “triggered,” but no one is a bigger “snowflake” or more easily “triggered” than Trump himself. - Max Boot
  • [email protected] asks: Should fellow world leaders just tolerate Trump’s behaviour, no matter what he does or says? Do we want the entire world to behave like the cowed Republicans in the United States? - Toronto Star
  • AMAZINGLY FUN AND HELPFUL! The Mueller Report Illustrated Chapter 1: ‘This Russia thing is far from over’ - Jill Wine-Banks
  • 'Thalapathy 64' shows partiality to 'Bigil' - Vijay fans fun complaint #thalapathy64 @archanakalpathi - IndiaGlitz - Tamil