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  • Check out my piece in the @GlobeandMail outlining how to attract top talent in the #tech sector - something we do everyday @SunLife to continue to meet the needs of our Clients. - Mark Saunders
  • @SunLife, this is really not ok. It contributes to the lies about anxiety disorders. And it harms people. For no good reason. It's shameful. - Gael Spivak
  • Facebook's #libra Will Fizzle As #banks Hit Back - Spiros Margaris
  • Over a third of people in Britain admit ageist behaviour in new study Research by SunLife found those in their 30s most likely to use discriminatory language - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • SBI Fund Management, ING Mutual Fund (now Birla Sunlife) and BNP Paribas are among these @shrimichoudhary #sebi - Business Standard
  • According to a new report from @SunLife, 23% of Canadian retirees describe their retirement lifestyle as "frugal". Among those still working after age 65, 65% said it’s because they need the money. #pensions #retirement - PeopleforPensions
  • How to attract top talent: “Today people want more than just incentives. They are seeking jobs that can provide a sense of purpose”. Corporate social responsibility is key. via @SunLife @globeandmail - Nichole Anderson Bergeron
  • According to a new SunLife Financial survey, 3 in 4 retirees say retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Why? They weren't financially prepared. What kind of retirement you want? Create a plan early to build the funds you need for your plan. - entaxy.io
  • Are current global #recession fears overblown? Read the latest @Forbes column from @SunLife CIO Randy Brown on why investors have reason to be optimistic. @4rbrown - Sun Life Canada
  • To learn more about the #sunlife building in #montreal, where I'm working ... every day! - Nancy Premont
  • #myjazzis weathering the storm and coming back strong. Catch Iron Tonic Jazz Band @ Waterloo City Hall 1:30 today. Might even see a little swing dancing! - Waterloo Jazz Fest
  • CBRE's Jonathan Peretz and @SunLife's Paul Petrelli joined @CP24's Live at Noon to discuss the upcoming Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes for @JDRF_Canada. Watch the clip: - CBRE Canada
  • The next addition to my series of outlook stories for 2019 takes a look at where the S&PTSX index might end up a year from now. Sunlife has it as low as 15,000, while Laurentian has it as high as 18,500. - Victor Ferreira
  • Are you getting the most out of your TFSA? While many Canadians use it as an account to park cash, this video - A.B. Poelen Financial Solutions Inc.
  • An Ontario man says his @SunLife life insurance application has been denied - because he has an anxiety disorder. - Yahoo Canada News
  • There are pros and cons to putting down more or less on your home purchase. Should you put the minimum down, leaving you more for moving expenses or the maximum to reduce your mortgage payments? Learn more here: - michael menikefs
  • Did you know that you can actually use your TFSA to MAKE money instead of it just sitting there?? Learn more here: - michael menikefs
  • #president @ewarren ? Read the latest @Forbes column from @SunLife CIO Randy Brown on what Warren’s proposed policies would mean for #markets @4rbrown - Sun Life
  • With global growth slowing since last May, could U.S. protectionism quickly morph a #slowdown into a #downturn? Read the latest @Forbes column from @SunLife CIO Randy Brown @4rbrown - Sun Life Canada


“Stop waiting for fun to miraculously land at your feet. Playfulness rewards the ones who go looki

“Stop waiting for fun to miraculously land at your feet. Playfulness rewards the ones who go looking for it.” 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️ This is why my life is ful...