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  • My response: “If @mmfa labels me an ‘extremist’ for making funny memes — I wonder what term they would use to describe Antifa, who on the last day of Pride Month targeted & beat a gay, minority journalist in the streets to the point of a brain hemorrhage?" - Benny
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  • Funny memes aside, it’s amazing how high cousin marriage is in some countries. Also legal in several US states. - J-LIST 🎅
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  • In other news, humor is now Russian disinformation. Ben Nimmo, an Atlantic Council researcher on Russian disinformation, told the BBC that attempts to create funny memes were part of the Russian strategy as "disinformation for the information age". - zerohedge
  • Akshay Kumar and Narendra Modi's candid interview invited a flurry of funny memes on Twitter. See some of the best reactions here. - News18
  • There are plenty of "funny" memes on social media about mommy drinking, but these stats are anything but funny. - Alan S Charles


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