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  • Taylor Swift sobs over a banana in funny video aired on 'Tonight Show' - The Hollywood Reporter
  • This funny video captures how many parents feel about sending their kids back to school. - HuffPost
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis silence divorce rumors with one funny video - TIME
  • #itsviral | Cops rescue kangaroo from lake, it jumps right back in. Watch funny video - Hindustan Times
  • This funny video suggests maximizing your productivity is ruining your life - Fast Company
  • After chatting to two presenters, the @LilNasX walked off set at the end of the interview, but accidentally strolled right in front of the camera.  - Mashable Middle East
  • Here's a funny video to brighten up your Sunday! - News18.com
  • Pregnant Amy Schumer Fulfills Her Cravings with Café du Monde Beignets — See the Funny Video - People
  • DATING: Have you ever had a bad date? Watch this funny video about a cheap date. Daniel is on a date with someone who really doesn't like... #learnenglish - BBC Learning English
  • Salman Khan wishes nephew Yohan a happy birthday with a funny video, says ‘don’t fly too high’. Watch #salmankhan - HT Entertainment
  • Russell and Kimora Simmons’ daughter gets into Harvard at 16 Her outspoken family was quick to comment on the college admissions scandal. See Aoki Lee Simmons' touching and funny video announcement on Instagram. - New York Daily News
  • Here’s my photo of a red-winged black bird. One of these guys is making news around the city defending its nest. Funny video demonstrating its effective protective behavior here: - David Evans
  • Described by some media as a “funny” video, this incident said to have taken place at Shymkent zoo is a sad testament not only to the idiocy of those involved, but also to the seeming lack of oversight at the zoo where this was allowed to occur #kazakhstan - Destination Central Asia
  • 'Deal Or No Deal' - SNL skit is almost not funny 'cuz it's so on target. (but in the end, it's funny!) VIDEO - John Lundin 🌊
  • If someone wants to round up & film the bar staff from Kingsholm posting a copy of this through Jim Hamilton’s door that would make for a funny video - Graham Love
  • Some of my favorite people made this smart and funny video about the secret history of Muslims in the US. Take 3 minutes to watch, learn, and share. - Simran Jeet Singh
  • Don't miss this funny video shared by #ananyapanday - ETimes
  • A pretty funny video review of #themandalorian Chapter 5: #thegunslinger if I do say so myself. @Editwithmouse seems to agree with me that the real star of the show is @AHWAmySedaris' fabulous hairdo — enjoy! @edmontonjournal - Fish Griwkowsky
  • Manny Pacquiao buys new dog, names him after Keith Thurman in funny video - Steps 4 Success