Instagram photos and videos #gcses2019 Instagram photos and videos
  • Do you have children going through #gcses2019 ? Do you think the new system is fair & a true reflection of your child's ability? See my column in tomorrow's @yorkshirepost - catherine scott
  • so we basically let michael gove to be in charge of our education who’s a literal crackhead - ig | alevel.meme
  • When my daughter says she’s not ready for her GCSEs...this is what she means! #gcses2019 Teenagers’ brains not ready for GCSEs, says neuroscientist | Hay festival | The Guardian - Jane Considine
  • Da iawn @ysgol_strade! Huge congrats to Sioned Williams who got a whopping 12A*! - WalesOnline
  • Congratulations to everyone that picked up their #gcseresults today! No matter what was inside your envelope, there are plenty of options. - BBC Bitesize
  • Roses are red Gcses are a pain - karen took the kids :(
  • Revising ? Here are some top tips from A level students ⁦@StanwellSchool⁩ ⁦@SixthFormCHS⁩ ⁦@Cardiffhigh1⁩ #alevels2019 #gcses2019 - Abbie Wightwick
  • Hands down am not resitting... maths is such a stressful subject - Toby 🎅
  • With Exam season here, we cannot help think about how we are fueling our bodies. Here is a great link from the BBC with lots of information @Calthorpe_Park @calthorpe_pe Good Luck to all Year 11’s - Food & Nutrition @CPS
  • Revising for Exams? Start by planning your studying – when, what, how long. And remember to schedule in breaks. You can download a free planner from the BBC: - GirlsDaySchoolTrust
  • one for year 11 pupils! #gcses2019 #resultsday2019 - Islwyn High Sport
  • Fewer students taking design and technology and music at #gcses2019 - "We’d urge the government to abandon its #ebacc target as it is doing more harm than good, and evidentially narrowing opportunities for students.” says @JamesJkbowen - NAHT
  • never complaining about GCSEs again - kate
  • Wouldn't be surprised if he was on a couple lines when he thought of the 9-1 system #michaelgove #gcses2019 #gcse2019 - CAPITALISM CONNOISSEUR🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
  • Not long now... Here are some guides to help with Physics tomorrow. - BBC Bitesize
  • @michaelgove wtf is this - selfcarebych
  • With #gcses2019 tomorrow here’s some sound advice from @richardbranson why those of us #madebydyslexia shouldn’t be defined by exams #gcseresultsday2019 - Made By Dyslexia
  • Well done all @willowshigh! - Cardiff Online
  • As the dust from yesterday’s #gcses2019 slowly settles, if you’re struggling to decide the next step, have a squizz at - Matthew Burton


Composite Functions✍️ Remember the function to the right always goes into the one on the left. T

Composite Functions✍️ Remember the function to the right always goes into the one on the left. To see more videos like this please subscribe to my YouTube Channel🎥, the link...