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  • Great that we’ll be able to get rid of the tampon tax once we’ve left the EU just like Germany, who have of course left the EU. Oh. - David Schneider
  • Angela Merkel visited @AuschwitzMuseum on Friday for the first time as chancellor and said admitting Nazi crimes was a key part of Germany's identity that could combat growing anti-Semitism. - Auschwitz Memorial
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced a feeling of “deep shame” during her first-ever visit at @AuschwitzMuseum. "These crimes are and will remain part of German history and this history must be told over and over again" - Auschwitz Memorial
  • This is huge. Germany officially expels two Russian diplomats for their role in the Berlin murder of a Chechen refugee. No less significant than Russia’s Skripal assassination attempt in Salisbury. - Bill Browder
  • "We Germans owe it to the victims and we owe it to ourselves to keep alive the memory of the crimes committed," Chancellor Angela Merkel said in her first visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp as leader of Germany. “This is not open to negotiation." - The New York Times
  • Germany expels Russian diplomats after murder in Berlin. Berlin's attorney general saying evidence points to Russian state involvement. - Julia Davis
  • Tampon tax scrapped in Germany as menstrual products not a ‘luxury’ but LYING CHICKEN JOHNSON just told us we couldn’t do that because of the EU. #ditchthetories #savedemocracy - Simon Gosden. Esq. #fbpe 🕷
  • The German car industry is facing disaster, with up to 50,000 jobs under threat or expected to be lost before the end of the year: - Richard Wellings
  • An American graduate student, who had been held for three years in Iran on suspicion of being a spy, has been freed and is undergoing a medical evaluation at an American Army hospital in Germany before eventually traveling back to the US - CNN
  • Human rights advocates and some German politicians are urging Angela Merkel to take a stronger stance on human rights issues in China. - DW News
  • According to The Daily Beast, a Ukrainian fugitive who claimed to have dirt on Burisma was arrested earlier this week in Germany. - Kyle Griffin
  • At a circus in Germany, three-dimensional holograms of elephants, horses, and fish are the only animals in sight - National Geographic
  • Oleksandr Onyshchenko, the former Ukrainian parliament member who has claimed to have dirt on a company linked to the Bidens, was arrested earlier this week in Germany. He fled Ukraine after being accused of embezzlement and has been on the run since then. - Caroline Orr
  • All true. Important information from @BenWeinthal - John Schindler
  • During German Chancellor Angela Merkel's first official visit to Auschwitz, she announced that Germany would give 60 million euros to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation — double what the country previously donated. - NPR
  • German authorities said Wednesday that Russia was suspected of being behind the daylight assassination in Berlin this summer of a former fighter with Chechen separatists. 2 Russian diplomats were also expelled from Berlin, straining relations with Moscow. - The New York Times
  • My heart breaks for Ashwaq. She’s been through so much. Raped at 14. Fled to Germany. There, she’s confronted by her Isis captor in the street. Reports him to authorities and is told: “he’s a refugee like you”. She’s scared and returns to Kurdistan. - Julie Lenarz
  • South Korea has studied Germany's reunification more than perhaps any other country, in the hopes of better facilitating Korea’s own unification. Seoul correspondent @vicjkim reports: - Los Angeles Times
  • Germany's SPD slip in polls after choosing new leftist leaders - Reuters


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By far one of the best places I have gotten to go. Weather wasn’t good enough to snowboard but still froze my rear end off! Can’t wait to go back and explore more and not have ...

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Die Zeit steht still und ich Ich kann tun, was ich will Hallo Zeit Lang' nich' mehr gesehen Und nein, ich will noch nich' nach Hause gehen Und die Zeit Zeit steht still Und die ...

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