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  • Gracie Anne Muehlberger, 15, and Dominic Blackwell, 14, were the two victims murdered at their Santa Clarita school on Thursday by a fellow student with easy access to a loaded semiautomatic pistol. - Shannon Watts
  • Dominic Blackwell, 14 Gracie Anne Muehlberger, 15 Two precious lives taken too soon in the Santa Clarita shooting. This must end. - Kamala Harris
  • Sameer Khan seduced Hindu minor Neha Vishwakarma, encouraged her to steal her mother’s jewellery and then killed her because she did not steal enough! And they say #lovejihad doesn’t exist. But what is it with Hindu girls? Why do they fall 4 guttersnipes? - Shefali Vaidya ஷெஃபாலி வைத்யா शेफाली वैद्य
  • A comedy set in the world of K-Pop from @RebelWilson is in the works - Hollywood Reporter
  • Thankful for the badass women who came together for #charliesangels Thanks @latimes - Elizabeth Banks
  • New research finds that young girls and boys have "indistinguishable" math abilities — contradicting the idea that men largely dominate STEM fields because their brains are wired that way. - NPR
  • We warned them. Time and again we warned them. But they said we were 'bigots'. - Paul Embery
  • From govt to opposition,from civil society,the media and the courts,Muslims of India today find themselves standing alone in the fight for their existence with no hope for equality or dignified citizenry. For th time ever,I write a deeply personal account- - Arfa Khanum Sherwani
  • The picture of the Duke of York with his arm around a teenage girl who now accuses him of sexually abusing her stands in stark contrast to his claim that he has no recollection of meeting her. - The Times
  • UPDATE: Gracie Anne Muehlberger, 15, and Dominic Blackwell, 14, have been identified as the teens who were shot and killed at Saugus High School in California. As details emerge about this shooting, remember the victims, not the shooter. #nonotoriety. - Moms Demand Action
  • "It was not a common thing as a little girl to want to play hockey in the small town where I came from," Wickenheiser said during her speech. "But my mom and dad believed that a girl could do anything that a boy could." - Hockey Night in Canada
  • “When old racist white people die off, everything will be better.” That’s not how it works. Young white nationalists are being radicalized all over the country, every day. - Gennette Cordova
  • [email protected] continue the trend of new K-pop girl groups' strong debuts on the charts with "Drip" - billboard
  • Gwen Stefani Stands By Her Harajuku Girls Era Despite Cultural Appropriation Claims - E! News
  • The lack of a pro women's league in Canada magnifies the gender gap in hockey - Hockey Night in Canada
  • What a shock “This study does show that in fact not all trans girls (or cis girls) want to wear frilly pink dresses or play with dolls. We in fact see plenty of trans kids violating these stereotypes, just as we see cis kids do” - Jo Hirst
  • “a machete-wielding gang” even in rural Northern Ireland. Spiffing. - David Vance
  • JUST IN: Girl, 13, arrested for allegedly bludgeoning grandmother to death - News24
  • Empowering our youth with digital literacy is essential for a nation’s growth. Learn how @SAPIndia is partnering with @NanhiKali in an aim to impart digital skills to 12,000 girls by Dec 2020 - Srivatsan Santhanam


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Так пользуйтесь же своей молодостью, пока она не ушла. Не тратьте понапарсну золотые дни, слушая...

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just shy of 4 weeks from now, i’ll be walking across stage to receive my diploma! i’ve been in s

just shy of 4 weeks from now, i’ll be walking across stage to receive my diploma! i’ve been in school for the past 16 years. this sure is going to be a change of pace!...