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  • CAUGHT RED HANDED: A family in New York set up a camera to catch their 5-year-old, who they thought was stealing cookies. To their surprise, it was Max the goldendoodle who was the culprit. - ABC News
  • Today, a goldendoodle was saved from living with Trump. Taking good news wherever I can get it: @jonlovett @emhblack - Jon Favreau
  • You might think you’re happy, but you’re not “being bombarded by goldendoodle puppies” happy. Have a great weekend! - ABC News
  • WATCH: Baby boy desperately tries to nap on his big, fluffy Goldendoodle dog: - Good Morning America
  • Meet Patton, the Goldendoodle who hopes to become the next 'First Dog' - Fox News
  • Meet Patton the Goldendoodle. Will he become Trump’s first dog? - The Washington Post - Bill Mitchell
  • A man who choked a pit bull to death said he was trying to stop the pit bull from biting him and a goldendoodle. 270,000 people have signed an online petition calling for #justiceforrex. - The New York Times
  • WATCH: Adorable Goldendoodle puppy impersonates the sound of fire truck sirens by howling every time they drive by! - Good Morning America
  • This Adorable Goldendoodle Dog Named Blake Can Bowl, and He Has the Strikes to Prove It - People
  • A Kansas woman was reunited with her 1-year-old Goldendoodle dog, Bentley, almost three weeks after he was thrown from a Jeep that crashed in Colorado. - USA TODAY
  • Is this Goldendoodle puppy going to be Donald Trump's "First Dog"? - CBS News
  • Could Trump get a Goldendoodle for the White House? - CBS News
  • Goldendoodle makes friends with baby deer - CBC Nova Scotia
  • Disabled Goldendoodle enjoys camping, hiking and trekking thanks to a special wheelchair - Daily Mail US
  • Sophie the goldendoodle helps chase seniors' blues away | CBC News - BC Care Providers
  • After a lab mix named Brutus plunged to his death from a rooftop dog park in downtown Kansas City, the operators made warning signs larger and left the low-slung ledge untouched. Now, a Goldendoodle named Teddy has fallen to his death. - Colleen Nelson
  • The phrase “that’s how Matt Belkin, a marketing executive, felt when he was out walking his Goldendoodle” will stay with me a long time. - John Overholt
  • Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands welcomes their first #therapydog, Cohen, a 19-month-old male #goldendoodle and golden retriever mix. Read more on how Cohen will help support patients and families via @HoustonChron: - Texas Children's
  • It's one of the few things that burgers, peas, and an 8-year-old goldendoodle all have in common @c_albertdeitch - Inc.


Feeling burnt out... so for my last portfolio project, I drew what I’m good at... Goldendoodles. S

Feeling burnt out... so for my last portfolio project, I drew what I’m good at... Goldendoodles. So please enjoy this illustration slide show of all the common color variations ...