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  • Good morning. Here is a reminder that we've just learned the person effectively leading US immigration policy is a racist who pushed for Breitbart to use a white supremacist publication and highlight "crimes committed by immigrants and nonwhite people." - Susan Hennessey
  • Good morning! Today the Senate will vote to make this guy, Steven Menashi, 40, a lifetime federal judge. - Jennifer Bendery
  • Good morning , shall we all carry on arguing about short term problems or wake up and face the biggest one ? Climate change - robust science says bigger hurricanes are now more damaging and I’m sure you’ve seen that California & Australia are on fire . - Chris Packham
  • Good morning friends and strangers. Today I want to ask you to do something miraculous, and do what you can to beat blood cancer. @DKMS_uk - Al Murray - DKMS.ORG.UK
  • Good morning; we've made a list for you - Erik Adams
  • Good morning. - Sean Fennessey
  • Good morning. Strictly punish these corrupt officers and file cases and ruin their retirement life PMO issues strict guidelines for weeding out corrupt bureaucrats; over 1,000 disciplinary records being scrutinised - Firstpost - Ashu
  • Ana Navarro Burns Roger Stone With Prison Farewell: 'Rot In Jail...Then In Hell'- and good morning to you too, Anna:). BTW, you are right! - Martina Navratilova
  • 'What’s the point, coming on and not answering any questions?' Lorraine Kelly lays into Jennifer Arcuri after Good Morning Britain interview - ITV News
  • Good morning to everyone except Jason Kenney and the vultures at Alberta's insurance companies who, thanks to Kenney, are going to soak us for even more cash. #ableg - Progress Alberta
  • Good morning from Andrews Air Force Base where a small contingent of lawyers and war court staff are bound for Guantanamo, most for a pre-sentencing hearing in the Majid Khan case. - Carol Rosenberg
  • Good morning. I chased Colin Kaepernick from one end of Atlanta to the other yesterday. This story may not end with him in the NFL, but he’s definitely back in the public eye. Story w/ @CharlesRobinson: - Jay Busbee
  • Good Morning from #germany where govt sticks to debt-free budget. Lawmakers look set to confirm balanced budget for 2020 w/expenditures of €362bn, slight decrease from this yr's €370bn. Germany has completely different debt culture than US (Chart via DB) - Holger Zschaepitz
  • Good morning Upper East Siders, the producer of the new #gossipgirl reboot spilled some secrets about the show and we know you're going to love it. - E! News
  • Good morning, London. While you were sleeping, this was our most read story: - Financial Times
  • good morning y’all! donate elsewhere - PUERTO RICAN HONDA CIVIC
  • All eyes on Berlin for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall - but I was surprised that so many outwith Germany don't know about Leipzig's crucial role in the peaceful revolution - so made a radio piece about it. Thanks @BBCWeekendGMS for the slot! - Jen Stout
  • Is this the end? - Metro
  • Good morning, early birds. Josh Frydenberg wants to ensure senior Australians are upskilled and employed in an effort to boost the economy, and in Hong Kong, police say protesters have no option but to surrender. It's the news you need to know: - Crikey.com.au


كل زين أشهاده وانتم بعيد .. منوتي ليتك معي  وإن سهرت الل

كل زين أشهاده وانتم بعيد .. منوتي ليتك معي  وإن سهرت الليل أهوجس بك وأعيد .. هل لأجلك مدمعي . . . #صباح_ا...


Non avrei mai pensato di essere una di quelle persone che alla mattina si sveglia presto per andare

Non avrei mai pensato di essere una di quelle persone che alla mattina si sveglia presto per andare in palestra prima di andare a lavoro ... E invece ... 🤔🤫🤭🤷🏻‍♀...