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  • Keith Haring and How Graffiti Entered the Mainstream: - Antiques Roadshow
  • New Toronto street art map is online! Read news story: - Scott Mills 🇨🇦
  • Interesting piece on D.C.'s stickering scene + how it's more open to women than traditional #graffitiart/tagging, by @mikafrak - Vanessa H. Larson
  • Nuneaton will be hosting an #urbanart festival and local property owners can get involved #streetart #graffitiart - Curating Coventry
  • Preserving New York's History of #graffitiart, #photography by Martha Cooper - Kiritia
  • 19 Pieces Of Street Art That Will Take You Literally Out Of This World #streetart #graffitiart - Jenny Park Adam
  • The story of how a group of graffiti artists won $6.75 million in damages after their artwork was destroyed by a property developer. @JoshuaRozenberg speaks to artist Meres One about the 5 Pointz building in Queens, New York. #graffiti #graffitiart - BBC Current Affairs
  • Warehouse in Craigieburn, off the Hume Highway - Dallas Warren
  • Some long overdue recognition for #graffitiart - Lucan
  • Loved recharging the batteries at the beautiful #aphroditehillsresort in #cyprus and exploring #oldpaphos with all its charm and #graffitiart. - Alex G
  • A new Banksy has just appeared in London #banksy #london #streetart #urbanart #graffitiart #sprayart #wallart #graffiti #mural #murals #art #croydon - Luci sulla street art (Il Luci)
  • Show Organizer Roger Gastman (pictured) Intends to Go "Beyond the Streets" in New #graffitiart Exhibit in Los Angeles - Kevin Kantola
  • #graffitiart tribute @Doors_OpenTO 213 Sterling Artist Kwest Auto Tower @Moca_Canada @TorontoStar @GreybrookRealty - Castlepoint Numa
  • "...a safe space for students to learn and express themselves without judgement..." Can we create a graffiti wall and invite artist and teacher, Asad Walker, to come share his wisdom? @K12AlbemarleLab #graffitiart - Catherine Glover
  • Graffiti festival turns bleak Edmonton walls into art - Edmonton - CBC News #yeg #yegart #graffiti #graffitiart - marcelo figueira
  • Someone is willing to pay about £100,000 for the Banksy on a garage in Port Talbot, an art dealer has said. - ACMSBossman
  • The power of art! Watch the short clip in this @CBSLA article showing a short clip of Banksy's latest graffiti calling attention to the homelessness crisis and the power of our community. - St. Joseph Center
  • Banksy highlights plight of homelessness #graffitiart #graffiti #homelessness #homelesscrisis - P Mac - Dublin
  • Should Toronto's ‘Graffiti Alley’ artists be paid? #publicart #graffitiart | @TorontoStar - Canada Council


. Phase2 😔 Meu, que artista foi esse mano... a arte deve muito a esse cara. Artista urbano, criou

. Phase2 😔 Meu, que artista foi esse mano... a arte deve muito a esse cara. Artista urbano, criou essa letra tipo bolha, que foi um divisor de águas pro mundo de fonte de letra...