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  • Jungkook's "Bad Guy" tweet is No. 1 of 2019 - billboard
  • The Guy Who Fought Brother Nature Gave An Interview About What Happened - BuzzFeed
  • Ryan Reynolds says that Free Guy is 'my favorite movie I've ever made... and that means a lot to me because I made Deadpool." - IGN
  • [email protected] on Hunter Biden: 'Hard to believe guy buying crack was worth $86,000 a month to Burisma' - Sara A. Carter
  • 775,000 of our troops deployed. 2,400 American lives lost. Over 20,000 Americans wounded. 38,000 civilians killed. Trillions spent. Rumsfeld in 2003: “I have no visibility into who the bad guys are.” 18 years later it’s time to get out. Now. - Ro Khanna
  • Ryan Reynolds truly is the hero we don't deserve, but the one we need. Check out the trailer for Free Guy, the story of a bank teller who discovers he's actually the background player in an open-world video game! - IGN
  • Adam Schiff's top impeachment staffer--the guy who questioned all the witnesses during HSPCI's impeachment theater and wrote HPSCI's impeachment report--wrote this piece claiming the FBI had a duty to lie and doctor evidence to spy on Carter Page. - Sean Davis
  • The guy currently speaking at Trump's anti-Semitism XO signing once said Jews are going to hell - Zack Beauchamp
  • Jim Jordan, today: "This is a hoax because Ambassador Sondland--an unreliable witness--is Schiff's whole case!" Jim Jordan, just 10 weeks ago: "This is a hoax because Schiff won't let Ambassador Sondland--the one guy who can exonerate Trump--testify! - Thomas Schaller
  • So, in addition to winning a Pulitzer and bringing down a fraudulent enterprise, @Fahrenthold just got almost half a million dollars each for an array of worthy charities. Not bad for a guy with a phone and a legal pad. - Peter Sagal
  • Let wait for the 2020 election to deal with the guy that rigs elections. - Tea Pain
  • This guy Boyega is a disrespectful man, no different than him coming in my thread talking off base about #ados after my comments on his Nigerian talent statement. - Antonio Moore
  • Talk about projection ... from the guy voted in contempt of Congress - Tom Cotton
  • Today is a moving anniversary for a great friend. Bobby Hurley is an amazing guy. Iconic player, terrific coach, and he has overcome unimaginable obstacles. He’s always been tough as nails, and he’s proven it at every stage of life. - Jay Bilas
  • The guy from Barstool Sports tried three Miami pizza spots. He wasn’t super impressed - Dave Portnoy
  • If this guy is rated at £42m, then Minamino should be worth £50m+ - Kevin Chan
  • Republicans did not spend decades hating Biden the way they did Clinton. many sort of like the guy. - Jennifer Rubin
  • Miliband wasn't tough enough be PM, what we need is a tough guy, a real strongman who'll hide in a fridge to avoid mild questioning from light morning entertainment show Good Morning Britain. - James Felton
  • "I want to **** that guy up." There's nothing fake about this beef Get the PPV - UFC