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  • Jungkook's "Bad Guy" tweet is No. 1 of 2019 - billboard
  • Ryan Reynolds says that Free Guy is 'my favorite movie I've ever made... and that means a lot to me because I made Deadpool." - IGN
  • [email protected] on Hunter Biden: 'Hard to believe guy buying crack was worth $86,000 a month to Burisma' - Sara A. Carter
  • Hey BIR, make sure you withhold final tax fr the income Bono earned in his PH concert. This guy is a crook. He doublespeak on his advocacy demanding governments to do more and give fair share to people while he pursues tax havens to pay low taxes. - TishaCM❄️
  • So, the guys trying to arrange a bogus investigation of the Bidens and a Ukrainian gas company are now the subject of a real investigation involving — wait for it — a Ukrainian gas company. - Mike McIntire
  • Ryan Reynolds truly is the hero we don't deserve, but the one we need. Check out the trailer for Free Guy, the story of a bank teller who discovers he's actually the background player in an open-world video game! - IGN
  • 775,000 of our troops deployed. 2,400 American lives lost. Over 20,000 Americans wounded. 38,000 civilians killed. Trillions spent. Rumsfeld in 2003: “I have no visibility into who the bad guys are.” 18 years later it’s time to get out. Now. - Ro Khanna
  • just wanted to add that Finn's arc in TLJ is my fave part of the movie & I love how the films digs into the purpose of rebellion beyond just a battle between simple good and evil. I wrote about it at the time - David Sims
  • Jim Jordan, today: "This is a hoax because Ambassador Sondland--an unreliable witness--is Schiff's whole case!" Jim Jordan, just 10 weeks ago: "This is a hoax because Schiff won't let Ambassador Sondland--the one guy who can exonerate Trump--testify! - Thomas Schaller
  • This is why Pete didn’t want to open his fundraisers: he has one next week in a Swarovski-crystal-clad “wine cave” with the guy from a savings and loan scandal that toppled a Dem Speaker. This will continue nonstop. Trump will easily paint Pete as corrupt. - Adam Jentleson 🎈🐢💧
  • Adam Schiff's top impeachment staffer--the guy who questioned all the witnesses during HSPCI's impeachment theater and wrote HPSCI's impeachment report--wrote this piece claiming the FBI had a duty to lie and doctor evidence to spy on Carter Page. - Sean Davis
  • Two feckless c*nts enabling a baby-caging racist lying rapey traitor. They deserve a place in history alongside their guy. - Barbara Malmet
  • Justin Hartley Has Guys' Night Out at Holiday Party 2 Weeks After Filing for Divorce - People
  • The Guy Who Fought Brother Nature Gave An Interview About What Happened - BuzzFeed
  • To #btsarmy, your guys are promising new music! Here’s the story from @Variety. #bts - George Pennacchio
  • From May 2019. This guy is a dangerous idiot. The Guardian are neoliberal trash. How did opposing Brexit go Paul ? Corbynism is now in crisis: the only way forward is to oppose Brexit | Paul Mason - LFTV
  • “This guy probably knows where all the bodies are buried and all other kinds of secrets involving political figures” - David Agren
  • No Aguero? We still have this guy! And he's tipped to sparkle tomorrow. 18+ only @poolsofficial #ad - Manchester City News
  • I collaborated with the great ⁦⁦@ShopClareV⁩ and came up with some rad stuff... Need a Gift For a Guy in Your Life? Adam Scott Has Four Great Ideas— - Adam Scott


9 правдивых фактов о мужчинах, которые они от всех скр

9 правдивых фактов о мужчинах, которые они от всех скрывают 1. Мужчины видят в кошмарах масштабны...


Depois de 379 tentativas la consegui uma foto com a passadeira vazia e estava sinal verde! 😂 •

Depois de 379 tentativas la consegui uma foto com a passadeira vazia e estava sinal verde! 😂 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...