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  • Haha, what a shame, too bad. - Lysette Faith
  • how can a gay rape actually? :D quite funny. haha see! you all newly born eggs(fan of k-pop)? - Ashiqurrahman
  • Haha happy Thanksgiving @DonaldJTrumpJr - PolitiConrad
  • Sounds like a familiar idea, haha. @Jack Dorsey’s ‘Future Defining’ Plan To Bring Bitcoin To 1.2 Billion People - CZ Binance
  • #haha And #byul Celebrate 7th Wedding Anniversary In A Way That’s So Them - Soompi
  • haha no chance - Cookie Boy
  • I'm excited to watch you in Romcom Sharon! Haha - Yam ❤
  • Haha, take a look at the refugees capital of Europe. - Panda Bear
  • #haha! A federal appeals court on Thursday lifted several injunctions that were blocking the Trump administration’s rule restricting immigration eligibility for individuals deemed likely to become public charges. #hoohoo! -->> - Trump Triumphs
  • he was a math major and who famously learned java for the Oracle-Google showdown haha - Kia K.
  • HAHA, THIS IS AMAZING! Couple Didn't Know Why Car Was Running Strangely — Then They Popped The Hood - Jeffrey🕸️Rodriguez
  • I got: Soobin - jikook 🌈
  • That’s a fox myth, meant to create hate and division. Just like Trump saying “the left” is waging a war on thanksgiving haha. - Tommy Lee Edwards
  • #omg please let her name be Anna or Maria or Clara so we can put #santa in front of it! #haha Teen girl rescued from chimney after trying to sneak into her own home - @globalnews - Tarzan Dan Freeman
  • Haha...Supreme court will question everything except matters like Model Town Massacre...! #everydayjokes #pakistan - Negentropy
  • Haha...see how the writer describes Chuck, Wendy, Taylor, and Axe in #billions - Mugo
  • Vandalism haha People ate being thrown from running trains by thieves what have they done? RPF puts its foot down on vandalism on trains: - With PK Forever
  • “If what we’re talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable,” constitutional law scholar Michael Gerhardt testified during House impeachment proceedings against Trump (Well, if he's a scholar... #haha!) - Cup Of Joe Canada
  • haha great joke - L♡VE TR⏢PEZIUM aka The Norwichurian Candidate




man the dancing actually actually sucks that obi (kimono belt thingy) was so thICC and tiGHT i could

man the dancing actually actually sucks that obi (kimono belt thingy) was so thICC and tiGHT i could barely move and all my friends were watching me- but hey the kimono is really p...