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  • America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union was 'told that changing hairstyles was too black’ for show's audience - The Independent
  • They wowed us all with their long locks! - Soompi
  • The bill bans discrimination based on hair textures and hairstyles commonly associated with a particular race or national origin. - ABC News
  • again until I was senior reporter established in my field. It's encouraging to see BW able to express themselves naturally now. It was not always like that and even in 2019, people can still be fired for it. - What in the baby hair?
  • Gary Rhodes dead – MasterChef star famed for his spiky hairstyle dies aged 59, reports The Sun - Julian Druker
  • Gabrielle Union fired for speaking out against racist utterances, “too Black” hairstyles. I watched the show w/ my daughter who wears braids & has big, poofy hair. Union may have been fired for looking like her. Let that sink in. My piece w/ @Refinery29 - Celina Caesar-Chavannes
  • Gabrielle Union was reportedly told her hairstyles were "too black" for America's Got Talent, and she will not be returning for next season. - InStyle
  • EDITORIAL | Let them wear cornrows: Catholic schools’ ban on natural black hairstyles is a relic of less enlightened times The Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy in Queens was wrong to tell Jediah Batts he couldn’t attend with his hair in cornrows. - New York Daily News
  • Is America's Got Talent filmed in Los Angeles? Because Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill in July banning discrimination against Black people based on hairstyle. Soooo... that's pretty damn illegal. - Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈
  • Holiday party season is upon us! Try a new look for your next event: - The Cabinet Salon
  • Our hair is discriminated against. Our beautiful natural hair and our traditional protective styles... - Tinu
  • R.I.P I used to watch him all the time - Andrew
  • Banning ethnic hairstyles 'upholds this notion of white supremacy.' States pass laws to stop natural hair discrimination - RayRay
  • 10 Christmas Hairstyles That’ll Get You in the Holiday Spirit ASAP - Rio Hair Studio
  • Hairstyle issues can be a legitimate barrier to exercise for Black women. Complicated even more by our Eurocentric expectations for hair, esp. for women. We need to do better at helping Black women remove barriers to exercise. #rdchat - Mandy Willig PhD RD
  • And thus, winter’s hottest (and lowest carbon footprint) hairstyle, Radiator Curls, was born - The Cut
  • A year ago, a referee forced Andrew Johnson to cut his dreadlocks during a wrestling match in NJ or risk forfeiting. He deserved better. Rules about hair length often discriminate against natural hairstyles—this must stop. - Sen. Cory Booker
  • Need some Thanksgiving dinner party hair inspo? Look to J.Lo's curly bob: - InStyle
  • in honour of the soon to be released black widow trailer, which of nat's hairstyles should you have? i own btw - alexander | a liho stan account | ✵ᱬϟ⧗


اكستنشن تيپى از جديدترين روش ها كه كاملا بدون آسيب ونصب

اكستنشن تيپى از جديدترين روش ها كه كاملا بدون آسيب ونصب بدون حرارت هست و ماندگاريش ٨ هفته هستش. براي...

My future husband is probably fake laughing at his girlfriend's lame ass jokes rn. be patient babe,

My future husband is probably fake laughing at his girlfriend's lame ass jokes rn. be patient babe, a true clown is on the way 🤡...