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  • ‘Growing up queer in the countryside north of Hamburg, Overbeck felt alienated from the family life expected of her, but found an answer in her father’s collection of existentialist and gay literature.’ #queergermany - Helen Finch
  • these scumbags need to hear from all of us that this kind of ghastly animal cruelty is completely unacceptable. #horrifying LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG Redderweg 8 21147 Hamburg +49 40 70 20 20 [email protected] - earthling
  • HSI exposes sickening LPT "laboratory" in Hamburg, Germany. How could this barbaric cruelty ever have been legal? Staff at 'appalling' German animal test lab claim they faked results - Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Why Lackawanna NY's 'Steel Winds' turbines don't always blow in the wind "They have replaced these windmills two-and-a-half times over, and they're still not functioning," said Sean Doyle, executive director of the Hamburg IDA" #windscam - Mary Kay Barton
  • Seeit? Way proud. #today in #hamburg approx. 13.000 souls have gathered up 4 the BIGGEST ANIMAL PROTEST IN GERMAN HISTORY - 2 close the LPT #animaltesting laboratories. - St.Schultze 💫
  • Around 13,000 people attended a demonstration in the German city of #hamburg on Saturday to protest against #animaltesting. The demonstration was organized amid fears of animal abuse in a nearby facility. - Paige Nelson Ⓥ
  • Hamburg to adopt 2020 budget, under the tax cap - The Buffalo News
  • Hamburg seeking 'hometown heroes' for banner project - The Buffalo News
  • ‘He was conscripted in 1945. Posted to Hamburg, He observed “the occasional glimpse of civilians was disturbing: they were gaunt, yellow, wretched”. The opera continued & he saw Tristan und Isolde & Rosenkavalier. He read Brideshead Revisited to his men’ - Andrew Adonis
  • Emily Blunt at The Huntsman and The Ice Queen Photo Call in Hamburg - Celeb fans
  • A refit of Cologne's opera house is going nowhere and costs have piled up to €840 million. At least with the Elbphilharmonie (7 years late, 10 times over budget), the people of Hamburg got a shiny new building in the end! - Matthew Anderson
  • „Affordable Art Fair“ - Die Kunst des Sparens - BILD Hamburg
  • „Car free City Center“ - #hamburg trau Dich! autofrei != Geisterstadt! „But while business owners initially worried about the city creating a ghost town that no one would visit, the opposite seems to be true;“ #verkehrswende - HH_Fahrradstadt
  • In #hamburg this is done properly. The facade is part of the new building. Ie the entrance, windows etc These London buildings look terrible. The rise of 'facadism' in London - Motherofseriousness
  • Around 1900 in some German cities there were taxis which were powered only by electricity. In Hamburg f.e. Taxis operated by petrol were completely banned at that time. #germanfact #yangbande #yanggang - Owen Ginsley
  • Helsinki closed door meeting. No one there but Putin and his people. Hamburg. Others. What are you watching daily? This doesn’t happen. Secret meetings with foreign leaders.... - J J J
  • “”We intend to make Piraeus the biggest port in Europe, and the master plan ensures that we will succeed, (..) a global trans-shipment centre on the Singapore model.” This openly pits Piraeus against the likes of Hamburg and Rotterdam (...)” - Friso Dubbelboer
  • Exactly: Not a coup, but not good for democracy either. "Christoph Harig, a research fellow at University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany, who studies the relationship between the... - Shawn Schulenberg


2020年ロータリー国際大会で自分の「アロハ」を見つけよう ホノルル(米

2020年ロータリー国際大会で自分の「アロハ」を見つけよう ホノルル(米国ハワイ)で開かれる2020年ロータリー国際大会に、世界中の...



•. SUN SUN SUN .• Da neigt sich der November schon wieder dem Ende zu - Wahnsinn wie schnell die

•. SUN SUN SUN .• Da neigt sich der November schon wieder dem Ende zu - Wahnsinn wie schnell die Zeit vergeht! Habt ihr schon für Weihnachten dekoriert? Ich werde mich nächst...