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  • As early results showed that Republican incumbent Matt Bevin was in danger of losing his seat to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear, the state’s attorney general, Kentuckians and those interested in the election took to social media to spread the hashtag. - USA TODAY
  • On 25th July I made a thread exposing ⁦@IlhanMN⁩ working for Qatar, and started the hashtag #ilhanqatar. I know because my name is all over the US Federal Case docs. Once she’s FULLY exposed, I’ll give an interview. For now, see my pinned Tweet(s).. - Imam of Peace
  • "Jim Jordan denied the most recent accusations that he ignored widespread sexual abuse of male students when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State," replied Democratic Coalition head Jon Cooper, referring to the #gymjordan hashtag that spawned. - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • #devinnunesisanidiot hashtag trends after Vindman corrects lawmaker about his official title - The Hill
  • #stillwithkap was trending for hours ahead of Colin Kaepernick's workout Saturday. Many included the hashtag while showing support for Kaepernick, who many believe has been ostracized by the NFL for his protests of police brutality. - CNN
  • Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck both tweeted the hashtag #releasethesnydercut - GQ Magazine
  • Twitter users on Sunday protested against remarks allegedly made by Patanjali Ayurved co-founder Ramdev against followers of social activist Periyar and Dr B. R. Ambedkar, resulting in hashtag #arrestramdev trending on the micro-blogging site. - The Telegraph
  • #toofarleft hashtag trends on Twitter after Obama cautions 2020 Dems from moving too far left - The Hill
  • Few days back, many who were unhappy with Ayodhya verdict, ran a hashtag #mosquesofindia on Twitter. Unintentionally, it revealed more mosques which are built over temples - OpIndia.com
  • Pro-democracy protesters inside Hong Kong's Polytechnic University say they're 'terrified' history will repeat itself. Using the hashtag #tiananmen2019 they are pleading for help, claiming they fear some people may die in the ongoing siege - SBS News
  • Around 95% trending hashtags are artificially amplified as coordinated groups #grabyourkeyboards and mislead the public that there is genuine support. Investigated Pakistan's hashtag mills with @spopalzai to help you understand how Twitter trends work: - Ramsha Jahangir
  • Hasthtag quiet scientists Hashtag quiet public servants - theJuice
  • When SB19 said they want to promote PPOP and be recognized not just here in our very own country, but also be known all around the world, we know they ain't playing. Congratulations, @SB19Official! #sb19onbillboardnbs | @SB19Official Right hashtag! - Nadine Lustre | A'Tin 🌷
  • Our hashtag dominated national conversation during the first day of #impeachmenthearings. “BOOM: #trumpbribery is trending nationally and has already been tweeted over 10,000 times. Let’s keep it going!” @funder, co-founder of @thedemcoalition cheered... - Grant Stern
  • Trying out the AR feature IRL? Share your own encounters using the hashtag #animateobjects. - The New Yorker
  • Godi channels had termed NCP+Congress+Shiv Sena as #mahamilawat. Waiting to see them use this hashtag for BJP+NCP - Siddharth
  • Here's the @nytimes on my #toofarleft hashtag. And to be clear, this isn't primarily about Obama for me, though he was the catalyst for the tag. I've argued for a long time that the political-media establishment NEVER asks if the GOP is too far right. - Peter Daou
  • The hashtag "TwitterBanKhamenei" is quickly gaining traction as Iranians call on Twitter to ban all accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, after the government almost completely shut off access to the internet across the country. - Al Arabiya English
  • You, sir, are the biggest problem in the country. Civility crumbled when you rammed through rapey, beery, bigoted, Brett. If the hashtag fits, wear it. #moscowmitch #massacremitch #grimreaper - Barbara Malmet


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