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  • Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Lady Gaga's rumored beauty line, Haus Beauty, quietly debuted a website.  The singer's company filed a trademark for Haus Beauty earlier this year, with Lady Gaga herself using the #hausbeauty hashtag in - Richard Butler Jr
  • Lady Gaga's new makeup line is finally available for pre-order ---Here's how to order #makeup #zurixperience #ladygaga #hausbeauty - ZURI SOCIETY | Beauty + Wellness
  • @ladygaga we cannot wait for #hausbeauty!! The greatest to still ever do it!! congrats on raising your first round! @lightspeedvp #ladyggag #beautyconla #entrepreneur - Dave E. Wilson
  • 100mbpsControversy surrounds Lady Gaga’s new Amazon-exclusive ‘Haus’ makeup line - Royalty
  • Lady Gaga to launch Haus Beauty cosmetics collection - Hgb
  • Its time to make some room in your beauty shelf to channel your inner #gaga #ladygaga #hausbeauty - Mashable India
  • レディー・ガガの美容ブランド「Haus Beauty」が5月にローンチ決定 #ladygaga #hausbeauty #レディーガガ ☆詳しくはコチラ↓↓↓ - tvgroove 海外セレブ/エンタメ/ファッションNews
  • Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories pre-order is now open to all - Royalty
  • Lady Gaga takes on the junk celebrity - Royalty
  • [email protected] will be the only place to get products from Lady Gaga's new beauty line. #ladygaga #amazon #biznews #beauty #hauslaboratories #hausbeauty - Jeff Durso
  • Lady Gaga quietly working on new beauty startup — it already has Silicon Valley’s blessing and funding - Patrick Hanlon
  • Ce n'est pas la première chanteuse à se lancer dans les cosmétiques #hausbeauty - Vanity Fair France
  • "Lady Gaga is being praised for showing real skin and makeup in her beauty campaign." - Yahoo News #hausbeauty @ladygaga - Josué Monster


▎🎼 Spotify:「〈Shallow〉自從2018年起,串流次數已超越919,227,362次!」即將

▎🎼 Spotify:「〈Shallow〉自從2018年起,串流次數已超越919,227,362次!」即將邁向10億次!😍  Spotify Wrapped : “Shallow” has been streamed o...

The best part of this makeup line is all the courage, bravery, and kindness that comes with every sw

The best part of this makeup line is all the courage, bravery, and kindness that comes with every swipe. Beauty is just as bold as the petals of a rose...but even the best roses n...

▎💄[高清圖]女神卡卡今天稍早抵達美妝品牌《Haus Laboratories》於洛杉磯

▎💄[高清圖]女神卡卡今天稍早抵達美妝品牌《Haus Laboratories》於洛杉磯開設為期兩天的快閃店!  📍UHQ Photos : Lady Gaga Rocks Massive...