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  • How ‘The Expanse’ ‘Died and Went to Heaven’ at Amazon - Variety
  • Robert De Niro Mourns Death of Former Costar Danny Aiello: 'See You in Heaven' - People
  • Lual Mayen taught himself how to code at a refugee camp in Uganda. Now a video game developer, he's garnered international acclaim for "Salaam" — a game that brings players into the life of a refugee. He hopes it will inspire empathy for refugees. - NPR
  • Joao Sacramento wrote to Jose Mourinho as a 19-year-old student in Wales with a report he'd done on the manager's work. Eleven years later, Mourinho selected Sacramento to be his No2 at Tottenham. "It's like a marriage made in heaven.” - Tom Roddy
  • Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III - Spring Song will have a new announcement on December 19 21:00 JST. - Kars
  • Joy A spark of fire from heaven Daughter from Elysium Drunk with fire we dare to enter, Holy One, inside your shrine. Your magic power binds together, What we by custom wrench apart, All men will emerge as brothers, Where you rest your gentle wings. - Jerry Willard
  • Thinking that somebody in the Obama administration would be held accountable by Horowitz’s report is DANGEROUSLY NAIVE. He’s a swamp dweller for heaven sakes. Missteps? Gen Flynn was accused of “missteps” that led to a criminal indictment. Why none here? - David A. Clarke, Jr.
  • A new video game out this week began in a refugee camp in Uganda. Now, the self-taught developer hopes the game helps players develop empathy for refugees. - Alex Padilla
  • Seventh heaven as Leinster leave Franklin’s Gardens with a bonus point - Irish Times Sport
  • LISTEN: Wilder: 'Huge result' Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder on 2-1 victory away at Norwich. - Football Heaven
  • Leinster in seventh heaven as they make a European statement with Northampton hammering - Independent Sport
  • Trump's toilet claim: Americans need to flush '10 times, 15 times' - CNNPolitics - Joseph Tyson
  • Wilder on Villa win: - Football Heaven
  • “A psychiatrist could say to a woman with depression that “she should be looking forward to the kingdom of heaven”. ” - 💧 Coalition Tea Lady
  • "His vision is to use the game to inspire empathy for refugees...a portion would go to a grassroots organization at a refugee camp. As people pay to "stay alive" a little longer in the game, they're supporting actual refugees' lives." - Sahar سحر
  • Such a merry story about the #minnesota small town of McIntosh by @StribGuy John Reinan. Jim Stordahl must be smiling from heaven. #rural - Catherine Dehdashti
  • "The idea that you simply die and turn to dust may work for some adults, but it doesn’t help children. Belief in Heaven helps them grapple with this tremendous and incomprehensible loss," says psychoanalyst, parent coach and author, Erica Komisar. #god - The Christian Post
  • Paul Warne on draw at Southend: - Football Heaven


സിനിമാപ്പടം പോലുള്ള എൻറെ ജീവിതത്തിൻ

സിനിമാപ്പടം പോലുള്ള എൻറെ ജീവിതത്തിൻറ producers of India! എത്ര അഹങ്കാരം കാണിച്...

PALM TREES // lining moody skies are the norm here in Sri Lanka.... and here I am sat watching longb

PALM TREES // lining moody skies are the norm here in Sri Lanka.... and here I am sat watching longboard surfers side stepping their way through the waves, dancing and gliding into...

Aquí estás a mi lado. Te traje conmigo, te conservo, te defiendo. Voz primera, semilla incorruptib

Aquí estás a mi lado. Te traje conmigo, te conservo, te defiendo. Voz primera, semilla incorruptible. . Incontaminable Voz de mi Padre, sembrada en tierra desesperada. Testimonio...


We are giving so many excuses.

We are giving so many excuses. "My clothes are not good", "Oh sorry I didn’t hear the adhan". "I can not wash my makeup", "I don't have time to pray". Astagfirallah. Look at this...