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  • Anti-semitism continue to grow on our college campuses - Mark R. Levin
  • It doesn’t stop at music. For people w/ friends or family who worked in retail & suddenly laid off or hours deeply cut (Toys R’ Us, Sears, Sports Authority, etc) & sometimes stripped of severance, that goes back to PE as well. 1+ million jobs destroyed. - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • WATCH: #astro Reveals Highlight Medley For Upcoming Album "BLUE FLAME" - Soompi
  • Good morning. Here is a reminder that we've just learned the person effectively leading US immigration policy is a racist who pushed for Breitbart to use a white supremacist publication and highlight "crimes committed by immigrants and nonwhite people." - Susan Hennessey
  • My new post: Impeachment proceedings against Trump carry with them a clear set of facts that the conservative messaging machine is attempting, in full view, to deceive 30% of the country about. Its likely success highlights America’s epistemic crisis. - David Roberts
  • This rhetoric is totally in line with what we are already hearing from European far-right parties and online radicalized terrorists. - Alexander Kaufman
  • The transcripts show something more than asking a foreign country to investigate a political rival. They reveal POTUS putting his personal interests over national ones; Putin/Orban influencing Trump’s views; and the episode harming US-Ukraine relations - Mark Murray
  • Trump called on China to investigate his political rival. This article highlights what that brutal regime is capable of: "Across China, he set about eliminating challenges to party rule; dissidents and human rights lawyers disappeared in waves of arrests." - Walter Shaub
  • It will highlight slowdown, farmers’ distress, huge unemployment and other issues - The Hindu
  • [THREAD] From a few drops of fabulous fragrance to a dessert that takes 14 hours to make, these exotic gift ideas will shock even the most worldly recipient. These are some of the highlights of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Bloomberg Pursuits
  • Christian Lacroix talks us through highlights of his 22 years in couture. - Vogue Magazine
  • "There’s a lot of coffee in the world, but not the good stuff" - Bloomberg
  • Transgender Awareness Week starts today. It's a time for transgender people and their allies to highlight the community, share their stories and talk about the issues they face every day. - CNN
  • Another #spongebob spin-off revolving around Squidward, is headed to Netflix - Nickandmore!
  • Matt Damon remains one of the highlights of both Steven Soderbergh’s #che and #unsane. No. 1 on the list goes to … - Vulture
  • On my radar: Sarah Hall’s cultural highlights - EmpoweredPoet
  • Note that Prince Andrew highlights that he was working with the NSPCC while friends with Epstein, and that he now oversees a scheme for 7 to 14 year olds in the U.K. So, 'I can't be a paedophile, because work with kids.' AKA The Saville Approach. - Sarah Myles
  • Congratulations Sindh I read the highlights of the Sindh reproductive healthcare rights law which Sindh Assembly passed 3 days ago, what an amazing and progressive piece of legislation recognizing reproductive health rights. All provinces shall follow. - Gulalai_Ismail
  • An instant A-League classic! Watch all the highlights from a game that had: - 7 goals - A Maclaren hat-trick - VAR controversy - Two penalties - A cracking atmosphere #brivmcy - SBS - The World Game


Do your shoes spark joy? 😎Treat them with love 💞and give each pair a space on the shelf. I don

Do your shoes spark joy? 😎Treat them with love 💞and give each pair a space on the shelf. I don't know a woman🙍‍♀️that doesn't love shoes. We probably have more shoe...