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  • 8 questions with new Six Nations Chief Mark Hill - CBC Indigenous
  • "Haunting Of Hill House" Season 2 Will Be "Scarier" Than Season 1 And I'm So Ready To Be Spooked - BuzzFeed
  • Fiona Hill tells lawmakers she's received death threats - Sarah Kendzior
  • “As experiences with harassment and discrimination increase, so does political efficacy, interest, and propensity to participate in politics. In other words, ladies, now is the time to run for office.” - Katie Hill
  • Well done, Bay area peeps. "BART Riders Stage 'Eat-In' To Protest Man Detained For Consuming Sandwich At Pleasant Hill Station" - Wajahat Ali
  • Another hearing on Kashmir in the US Congress, Congressional 'Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission' has announced a hearing on J&K on Nov 14..Just look at the names of witnesses who have been asked to testify and you will get the drift of this hearing - Sunanda Vashisht
  • It's weird how ANONYMOUS book was moved up to coincide with impeachment hearings. It's weird that GQ is running pro Fiona Hill articles at the same time the book comes out. Maybe it's a coincidence. - Emerald Robinson ✝️
  • Katie Hill resigned over a consensual affair with a staffer. Bill Clinton was impeached. Jim Jordan stood by silently while tens if not hundreds of young men entrusted to his care as their coach were subjected to sexual abuse & did nothing. - Joyce Alene
  • Axel Kuschevatzky, Phin Glynn, Cindy Teperman Launch Infinity Hill (EXCLUSIVE) - Variety
  • White House officials testify quid pro quo effort was coordinated with Mulvaney. #extortionisttrump #impeachmenttaskforce - Robert Cooper 🌊
  • VINDMAN OUT AT NSC: After testifying on the Hill, NSA O'Brien says Alexander Vindman will be removed from the National Security Council. "Everyone who's detailed at the NSC, people are going...back to their own departments and we'll bring in new folks" - Face The Nation
  • Jaclyn Hill Is Finally Ready to Re-Launch Her Beauty Brand Months After Her Lipstick Scandal - E! News
  • Giuliani mistakenly sent the Daily Beast a John Solomon column he had obtained before it was published in The Hill. It even had suggested headlines from Giuliani. - Aaron Blake
  • An incident involving a BART rider eating a sandwich on the train platform that ended with the passenger handcuffed and cited was captured in a viral video and is raising questions whether the BART police officer went too far. - KPIX 5
  • Two career diplomats, who have been labeled “unelected bureaucrats” or “deep-state operators” by the president’s defenders, or “human scum” by the president himself, gave calm and sober testimony against a chaotic backdrop at the impeachment hearing - NYT Politics
  • I’m proud to be friends with Fiona Hill - Edward Lucas
  • Ravenous riders flooded SF's Embarcadero Station yesterday to snack and protest the fact that a man was handcuffed for literally eating a breakfast sandwich on BART's Pleasant Hill platform earlier in the week; it was a modern-day “eat-in,” if you will. - SFist
  • Two WH officials told lawmakers the "blatant" push for politically motivated investigations from President Trump left "no ambiguity" what the Ukrainians needed to do to secure a highly sought meeting — and the effort was coordinated by Mulvaney - Jeremy Herb
  • On Fiona Hill and Why the Adults in the Room Didn't Stand a Chance @juliaioffe “When you get in the car with a drunk driver, you’re not the one driving drunk,” the friend said, “but you’re still in the car when he mows down a pregnant woman.” - Greg Jaffe


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Apna tw PTH seher h mllb, City ye zhr h mllb Khule m khi bhi bhid lo, Gharo k aage to kutta bhi sher na mllb, Tere m sabd bikher du bhai, Tu kya khra bhai, Mere Baad tu lgega dai, ...

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Langkawi szigetén lehetőség van egy csónakos túrán részt venni, ahol rengeteg érdekes helyre visznek el. Az út során részünk lehet sas etetésben, hal etetésben,, majm...