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  • Hong Kong protests: Police surround campus after night of violence - BBC News (World)
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Protesters flee campus on motorcycles - BBC News (World)
  • Hong Kong protests: China condemns 'appalling' attack on official in UK - BBC News (World)
  • Hong Kong braces for more protests after tense battles over night - BBC News (World)
  • for some “light” reading tonight @VivienneChow has a detailed and moving piece in @qz on the influences of anime on HK youth and protests - isabella steger
  • thread: many ppl watched the awful scene of the protester being shot in the stomach this morning on a livestream. @maryhui has a story on how the HK protests absolutely have to be the most live-streamed protests ever in history... - isabella steger
  • Bears watching: New Ripple customer Qatar National Bank recently received a banking license from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, trying to establish a foothold in HK & China and other such markets. - WrathofKahneman
  • Hong Kong protesters have fired "flammable arrows", "hurled bricks and gasoline bombs" at police officers, setting police vehicles and campus on fire. HK police haven't fired a single live round. Can you imagine police response if this happened in US? - Ajit Singh
  • In HK there have been numerous reports of rape and girls "committing suicide" after they've been detained by the police. It's gotten to the point where girls often scream "I would never kill myself" while being dragged away. - Mike Chen 🍜🔥
  • Several protesters arrested while trying to run from a Hong Kong university campus surrounded by police - BBC News (World)
  • HK police reportedly storm university campus - NHK WORLD News
  • 1. The rhetoric used for religious extremism - a “virus” that “infects” minds and requires re-education - is the same language officials are using to describe liberal thoughts among HK youth right now 2. On Weibo, some are posting “He refused ” - Alice Su
  • Incredible headline, decent round up from the BBC. - Tommy Walker
  • The situation in Hong Kong gets worse and worse — it's worth reading these prescient pieces in @TheAtlantic by @TMclaughlin3: 1. On the normalization of radicalism in HK - Prashant Rao
  • HK High Court: Mask ban violates Basic Law - NHK WORLD News
  • Koreans are drawing parallels btwn HK and their own June Democracy Movement in 1987, where student activist Lee Han-yeol was struck and killed by a tear gas projectile. Besides democratic reform, the event led to the eventual banning of tear gas by 1998. - Crystal Tai
  • Horrifying developments in Hong Kong: HK police threatened to open fire on protesters at Polytechnic University. “We’re surrounded now,” said a PolyU student who said he had been inside the fortified campus since Monday and vowed to defend it to the end. - Kate O'Keeffe
  • HK police have banned this year pride parade, allowing only a pride assembly, despite it being a non-political pursuit of equality. Its slow response to organisers also may cause guest appearances, including consuls general, to fall flat - Chris Lau
  • Only 13 economies have grown 7% annually for 25 years: Botswana Brazil China HK Indonesia Japan S. Korea Malaysia Malta Oman Singapore Taiwan Thailand - Bloomberg Opinion


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