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  • “The Chinese government has always thought that more brainwashing will work in terms of controlling Hong Kong,” our @jeffreychngo says. “Hong Kongers can see for themselves, feel for themselves, the true nature of the Chinese government.” - Demosistō 香港眾志 😷
  • ‘We Are Fleeing the Law’: Hong Kong Protesters Escape to Taiwan #hkpoliceterrorism #hkpolicenazism #disbandhkpolice - Stand with Hong Kong🇭🇰🇭🇰
  • Hundreds of thousands of people poured into Hong Kong’s major thoroughfares for an authorized march meant to coincide with the United Nations’ Human Rights Day - The New York Times
  • Horrible Chinese game asks players to beat up Hong Kong protestors - TNW
  • The United States called out the violence in #hongkong and the Chinese government responded with threats and sanctions. Supporting human rights is not “unreasonable,” as Beijing claims. Refusing to accept the overwhelming will of your citizens is. - Senator Roger Wicker
  • China says it will suspend U.S. Navy visits to Hong Kong and sanction a range of American pro-democracy organizations in retaliation for the signing into law of U.S. legislation supporting human rights in Hong Kong last week. - ABC News
  • For 12 days, Hong Kong police laid siege to a university, trapping students. To escape, some had to flee through the sewers - BuzzFeed News
  • Hong Kong protesters target huge turnout in Sunday march - Al Jazeera English
  • "We will lead the world in standing with the people of Hong Kong " We couldn't agree more, @SenRubioPress The majority of Americans are supportive of #democracy in #hongkong. - Reagan Institute
  • SEA OF LIGHTS: Thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets of Hong Kong for a massive rally marking six months of pro-democracy protests. - ABC News
  • Hong Kong's Hang Seng index has been more sensitive to the Sino-American trade war than the territory's protests - The Economist
  • Hong Kong is set for its "worst ever" wave of store closures and retail job cuts - Bloomberg Economics
  • Sharing the same message from elderly to youth after 6-month protests in Hong Kong: government must respond to Hongkongers’ request for #fivedemandsnotoneless. #fightforfreedomstandwithhongkong - Eileen Chang 😷⛑🥽🌂🧤🇭🇰
  • The young men and women who have spent the past few months at the barricades in Hong Kong are also its future lawyers, doctors, engineers. What does that mean for the city's future economy? - Bloomberg
  • Ottawa urged to sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials implicated in human rights abuses /via @globeandmail - Steven Chase
  • “This seems to be an empty threat because these groups don’t operate inside mainland China. But if there are more tangible threats on these organizations operating in Hong Kong, it would be a serious clampdown on freedom of expression.” - @patrickpoon - Amnesty International
  • When people are living under domination and injustice, and their civil liberty is undoubtedly eroding, sometimes protests and violence are the only recourse to a greater political freedom. #fightforfreedomstandwithhongkong - Eileen Chang 😷⛑🥽🌂🧤🇭🇰
  • According to Financial Times, #hongkong Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng wanted to resign from her post until she was ordered home by Beijing. Once you sell out HK ppl, jump into #ccp’s pit, there’s no way out no matter where you at. Welcome back to hell. - Nikki😷
  • Blinded Indonesian journalist seeks answers from Hong Kong police - Al Jazeera English


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