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  • Wine pairing w/rat - Ragnar
  • I never really cared for his brand of disparaging humor. - Steven Wells
  • Is that sacks are of Onions or the Garlic? Laugh till you cry! With onion prices sky high Nepalis turn to humor - Basu Shrestha
  • I love Trump's humor. Libs have no sense of humor. RT @realDailyWire: Trump Trolls Kamala Harris For Dropping Out Of Presidential Race - Trace
  • "To pick his press secretary, he held an open competition for the job, which tested 4,000 candidates for their sense of humor and tolerance for stress." - Kent Brewster
  • Barack Obama & George W. Bush Remember John McCain With Humor & Brutal Honesty #humor #humour - Sally's Corner
  • THANKS FOR HUMOR during these darkest of days. - Jeffrey Seeds
  • "Women — predominantly poor black, brown & indigenous women — are disproportionately affected by #climatechange. They live intimately with climate chaos that can seem distant or abstract in space & time from the lives of many in the global North." - Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center
  • Modi paying homage to the wit and humor of journalist Cho Ramaswamy - Kunal Punjabi
  • If you liked Richard Russo's Straight Man, you'll find some of the same humanity, humor, and honesty in Chances Are . . . a story of three old friends and the one woman they all loved. - Duane Hawkinson
  • I hope I have half as much positivity, strength, humor and humility as she did in her last days, and half as much love in my life as she gave to her cats. Josie, you will be missed. - Rachel G. Horn
  • “A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing,” RIP Clive James - Laura Kehoe
  • Brits freak out when told the price of health care in the United States - Ex Apologist
  • The Secret Service code name for Bill Barr is "fluffer." Who knew they had a sense of humor? #trumprussia #trumptreason - Ta
  • Pamela Karlan a supposed to be attorney thinks it okay to use a child on NATIONAL TV for her ignorant, idiot not to mention stupid humor! Melania Trump: Lawyer who invoked Barron Trump's name for laughs at impeachment hearing 'should be ashamed' - dej
  • "We have learned to look every day for humor, love and beauty. We’ve acquired an aptitude for appreciating life. Gratitude is not a virtue but a survival skill, and our capacity for it grows with our... - Iya Brenda M-Vice PhD
  • I Talked To A Wachowski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also the other producers of Showtime’s wonderful new comedy Work in Progress.) But Lilly! Wachowski!!!!! - Emily CrimCramWerff
  • Potential Best Picture Nominees Find Humor Among the Drama - Elena Minot


All my newest greeting cards together! They’re heavy on the plant theme, because more and more of

All my newest greeting cards together! They’re heavy on the plant theme, because more and more of my business is coming from selling wholesale to plant shops, garden centers, and...