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  • This artist shows what love looks like when no one's watching. - HuffPost
  • "In the early years of the Supreme Court, there were judges like Justices Patanjali Shastri, B.K. Mukherji, Vivian Bose, Fazl Ali, etc. who were not only very erudite, but also polite and humble. I may give an illustration." Read my full article here: - Markandey Katju
  • Australian voters know that their democracy is broken and that the government serves vested interests rather than them. And there's no better illustration than its inaction on climate as Australia burns - Bernard Keane
  • "What, men are entrepreneurs but how dare we be anything more than actresses?" @ReeseW has channeled her fury over an illustration that ran four years ago in TIME magazine into a bona fide empire for and about women - The Hollywood Reporter
  • These illustrations show what love is really like behind closed doors - HuffPost India
  • If you don’t love me when my legs are hairy, it’s not true love. - Michelle
  • The stamp features a photographic illustration of a green plant sprouting from the ground covered in fallen leaves, intended to symbolize the PTSD healing process. - This Week
  • Wish there were more. - Mithran
  • #survivor producers' failure to act in the face of an unambiguous illustration of sexual harassment speaks to a prioritization of story over standards - Vulture
  • This is a useful illustration of something pretty damn awful. #ringcamera #cybersec #hacking Man hacks into Ring doorbell and talks to family - World Ethical Data Forum
  • Check these out! 'Picture-book biographies use narrative flair & information-rich illustrations to compress a life story or contextualize an important moment in a small package' - National Centre ACL
  • In a stark illustration of the effects of the UK’s first past the post electoral system, the Tories gained an extra 49 seats with only a 1.2 percentage point rise in the share of the vote since the last election - Financial Times
  • What would actually happen if a club or country boycotted Qatar on moral grounds? Should they? A piece on the issue, and an illustration of just how enmeshed in global politics the game is... - Miguel Delaney
  • Illustration — for all its beguiling cultural inflections — is perhaps the closest thing children have to a universal language. Shouldn't the Caldecott Medal reflect that? - New York Times Books
  • Would the 2009 you understand anything you say in 2019? Here are 33 words that defined the decade. Via @allmalone and @schweptaway. Illustration by @Benkothe. - BuzzFeed Style Guide
  • Love this David Parkins illustration for a comment piece about predatory publishers! - Flora Graham
  • I wrote this piece last year while writing '#jameswales: Artist and Antiquarian in the time of Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao'...now check the story in full with 18th century illustrations in the book! - Uday S Kulkarni
  • The @latimes Editorial Board on #measles in #samoa "This is a stark and sad illustration of what can happen when the agents of fear and misinformation (Robert F. Kennedy Jr., we are looking at you) convince caring parents to shun childhood vaccinations." - Laurie Garrett
  • [email protected]: The impossibly cute letter to Santa Claus comes complete with the little girl’s own poignant — and heartbreaking — illustration. She’s pleading for something few kids include in the list they mail to the North Pole. - The Boston Globe


1️⃣第一次參加揪市集😊 感恩媽咪每次陪我參加手作市集🙏🥰 2️⃣這次

1️⃣第一次參加揪市集😊 感恩媽咪每次陪我參加手作市集🙏🥰 2️⃣這次市集遇到的攤主和人都很活潑😄 認識了 😊善良的攤主借我...

【L'impressione di Pesaro】no.3/14 Acquerello su carta di 300g, 42cm×30.5cm (36cm×26cm) ◆Titol

【L'impressione di Pesaro】no.3/14 Acquerello su carta di 300g, 42cm×30.5cm (36cm×26cm) ◆Titolo: 【La melodia del Ginkgo Biloba】 ◆L'ispirazione: Mi piace questo albero m...

Mulheres de Chico - 08 - Angélica. Em 1977, Chico em parceria com Miltinho, fez está música em ho

Mulheres de Chico - 08 - Angélica. Em 1977, Chico em parceria com Miltinho, fez está música em homenagem a Zuzu Angel, estilista que teve o filho Stuart Angel assassinado pela d...


“People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don't think that's true. Being surrounded by the

“People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don't think that's true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.” - Kim Culbertson Artist: @...