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  • CNN ratings plummet to lowest primetime viewership in almost three years - Sara A. Carter
  • Dozens of polar bears have crowded a village in Russia's far east in search for food, forcing public events to be canceled and humans to shelter inside. - CNN
  • Leftists extort more taxpayer dollars for already overpaid federal workers in exchange for funding the nation's defense? @RealDonaldTrump - Tom Fitton
  • Victoria Falls dries to a trickle after worst drought in a century - The Guardian
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham is one of Trump's most vocal defenders. But he argued for convicting Bill Clinton in 1998, saying "high crimes doesn't even have to be a crime. It's just when you start using your office and you're acting in a way that hurts people." - NPR
  • Florida Democrats plan to spend nearly $500,000 on a campaign to urge Hispanic and African American voters to cast their ballots by mail next year - POLITICO
  • That Uber or Lyft ride? Expect an autonomous vehicle to pick you up in some cities. Keys will fade into oblivion. Gasoline refineries will still be in business, but charging stations for electric vehicles will become more prevalent, experts say: - ABC News
  • "This amount of plastic in the stomach is nonetheless horrific...and serves to demonstrate the hazards that marine litter and discarded fishing gear can cause to marine life." A sperm whale was found dead with 220 pounds of trash in its stomach: - CNN
  • China is now the second largest contributor to the UN, after America - The Economist
  • "Many were 3rd grade dropouts. I was convinced these men are monsters. But when you talk to them, you realize it's because of upbringing & thought process. A lot of them don’t realize that what they've done is rape. They don't understand consent.” - Lauren Frayer
  • Of course he is. In the midst of impeachment. “All roads lead to Putin.” - Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
  • When in 2012 NDTV featured prominently and was mocked in a segment about ‘Spreading Lies’ on American series ‘The Newsroom’ - Nupur J Sharma
  • India rape victim dies in hospital after being set ablaze - Al Jazeera English
  • Traditionally in the State Dept, officers take notes and transcribe the Secretary's calls, to send readouts to officials and to comply with federal record-keeping laws. Under Mike Pompeo, that long-standing practice has ended. - Citizens for Ethics
  • Ground Zero | The uncertainty of the past four months has resulted in over 80% job losses among start-ups reliant on the Internet in #kashmir, according to official figures. This has come at a time when J&K’s unemployment rate is at 35 per 1,000 youth. - The Hindu
  • Art Basel: Banana duct-taped to wall sells for $120,000 in Miami Beach - CBS News - Joe Rogan
  • Opinion from @vermontgmg: "Trump’s GOP has become increasingly divorced from reality, its collective brain rotted by years of elevating as its national voices a rotating series of hucksters, grifters, con artists, fraudsters, and masters of malarkey" - WIRED
  • Three deer standing in perfect alignment in Lithuanian woods. (Photo: Renatas Jakaitis - 41 Strange
  • For the first time, Muhammad is one of the top 10 most popular baby names for boys in the United States, according to data from the parenting website BabyCenter. - CNN International


Today I started my las final project and omg we worked from 9 am to 9 pm and it’ll be like that fo

Today I started my las final project and omg we worked from 9 am to 9 pm and it’ll be like that for the next 7 days, that just if we’re lucky enough to have time to sleep.. #an...