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  • Good news: a majority of Americans reject socialism in favor of the free-market economy. But, support for socialism is rising among young Americans. It's imperative that we talk about why socialism has totally failed around the world. - Stand For America
  • 【東方Inst】Soul Concerto/Sonic Hispeed Omega (4:50) #nicovideo #sm6227340 - 東方Instアレンジbot
  • 【東方Inst】Blast from the Sun/IRON ATTACK! (3:11) #nicovideo #sm6484309 - 東方Instアレンジbot
  • Population Research Inst. is a front 4 religious right fanatics. EZ 2 C Author’s political agenda. Yet @nypost indulges his misinformation? #journalism? #sad How Peru forced poor women to get sterilized — and robbed one mother of her life - Dont Drag Me Down
  • MOOCs Make Way For SPOCs In The Global Education Of Tomorrow @Forbes @EMERITUS_INST @g2parker - joshmkim
  • Also Trolling inst anything new for the Russian Govt. In 2011, Atlantis was still warm after her final flight when Roscosmos issued a statement heralding the "Era of Reliability, The Era Of Soyuz." Via [email protected]_space - Gene J. Mikulka
  • Trust at all time low - 💧Russ Robinson
  • 【東方Inst】Eyes of Insanity ~ Invisible FullMoon/Sonic Hispeed Omega (4:02) #nicovideo #sm6289203 - 東方Instアレンジbot
  • Well someone is not happy about the $INST plans ... Investor to oppose Instructure's plans to sell to Thoma Bravo - svea herbst
  • Our so "humble" PM is too keen to receive all awards & accolades & pose for photo ops wearing smiles, but answering real Qs is not his thing. The Nobel Inst should have known this before dolling out the prize. Too late to whine about it now @NobelPrize - Kalkidan Negash Obse
  • $INST - Instructure holder voting against sale - Breaking News
  • Friend and Urban Inst colleague Elaine Waxman reveals the consequences of SNAP changes — How cuts to food stamp program could increase 'poor outcomes' for the food insecure - Rob Santos
  • 【東方Inst】The Fairytale of the Land So Far Away/Sonic Hispeed Omega (4:30) #nicovideo #sm6247164 - 東方Instアレンジbot
  • one more M&A $INST - naashonomics
  • $INST - Thoma Bravo acquiring Instructure in $2B deal - Breaking News
  • Grattan Inst says flat wages for young ppl a reason they should pay less for private health. Why are older Australians any less prone to flat wages, no jobs, that Grattan cite? Not to mention expenses of retraining. Why not just Medicare? - Linda Mottram
  • Nice article on the launch of the Quincy Institute, but it does give rather short shrift to existing pro-restraint voices in DC. Quincy Inst is a welcome addition to the landscape, but it’s far from the only voice on this topic. - Emma Ashford
  • 【東方Inst】Ghost Cave/IRON ATTACK! (4:27) #nicovideo #sm6308304 - 東方Instアレンジbot
  • Chinese tech groups shaping surveillance tech standards at ITU: - M Huotari


كنب_ستائر_جلسات(جديد وتنجيد)تفصيل بحسب الطلب اسعارنا م

كنب_ستائر_جلسات(جديد وتنجيد)تفصيل بحسب الطلب اسعارنا مناسبه للجميع تأثيث(فندقي_مكتبي_منزلي) الشرقي...


この時から1週間が経った……まだ余韻に浸ってます。まだ、ゆーとと知念からもらったファンサは忘れられない😭 またすぐオタ活さ...

Ella no era así, ella no era así, no se quien la danó 🎶🎶🎵🎶🎙🎚🎶🎶 😂😂

Ella no era así, ella no era así, no se quien la danó 🎶🎶🎵🎶🎙🎚🎶🎶 😂😂🤜🏼💩🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣💩💩😜🥴 . . . jajajjaja #me...