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  • Brave and bold. Practical and in touch with the daily needs of Australians. That’s what governments should be. Thanks for having me speak today @Whitlam_Inst. - Tanya Plibersek
  • Education software company Instructure is exploring strategic options including a sale $INST jumps to an all-time high on this scoop w/ @kielporter @scottdeveau - Gillian Tan
  • Christine Lagarde wants key role for climate change in ECB review. @EUinSA @giz_gmbh @Flanders_SA @environmentza @GenderCcsa @KEC_Environment @Adaptation_Inst @DIRCO_ZA @TreasuryRSA @GovernmentZA @GCAdaptation @AdaptationHub @GreenspacesA @VhembeBiosphere - Vhalinavho Khavhagali
  • Good news: a majority of Americans reject socialism in favor of the free-market economy. But, support for socialism is rising among young Americans. It's imperative that we talk about why socialism has totally failed around the world. - Stand For America
  • With electricity generation existing as one of the top CO2 emitters, renewables play a vital role on many fronts.."relying mainly on wind and solar would bring most co-benefits for the health of people & planet. " -Potsdam Inst. for Climate Impact Research - GreenLanternSolar
  • Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party says that we are stupid and do not know what is best for ourselves. I guess we have proven her and the Democratic party that we are not stupid and stupidly only lies in the hands of the Democratic party!! - John Kulinski
  • The @washingtonpost has an obituary of Marilyn Yalom, a scholar to whom we @Clayman_Inst owe so much - Adrian Daub
  • 'Recruited, rewarded and reviled: informers in times of conflict' Read Dr Shane Darcy discussing the subject of his new @OUPLaw book in the @IrishTimes @ResearchatNUIG @NUIGLaw @NUIGalwayPress @Whitaker_Inst @BHRIblog @niallodoc - Irish Centre for Human Rights
  • Canadians continue to support #immigration, despite concerns it would be election issue, new poll says /via @globeandmail - Andrew Griffith
  • The evidence is clear - physical activity can improve both physical and #mentalhealth. Regardless of where you live, your income or education, Australians should be able to engage in regular physical activity every day @billbellew @Mitch_Inst #ncd #policy - Hazel Fetherston
  • Via my position @Morgridge_Inst, I've gotten to see so much of Lynda Barry's work first-hand. The best, though, has been watching her explore #creativity with my young daughter at so many of our Saturday Science events. I can't wait to get this book! - Wes Marner
  • Climate-proofing Canada’s economy is about capital flows - Dave Sawyer
  • This story is legit surprising; app. there are ~ 175 active #exorcists practicing in the United States, and an inst of training in Illionois; proof includes “elderly woman picking up a heavy chair and lifting it over her head”; alt theory: farmer? - Emily Brunner, MD
  • “You guys are my heroes,” Al Moore told the incarcerated men. Moore is a #veteran whose service #dog was trained by a prisoner at the Western Corr. Inst. in #maryland through @AmericasVetDogs program. - Prison Fellowship
  • As #charterschools grow education unions shrink. That threatens the hand­some pay union lead­ers re­ceive—more than $400,000 a year for lead­ers of the NEA & AFT as well as more than $200,000 for other staff ~ David Osborne Progressive Policy Inst - D.A. Nygaard
  • Instructure $INST being pushed to sell themselves, but as we all know it's not a serious activist campaign until there's an activist website with a clever url*. * May I suggest InstructureAlternatives[dot]com - Mike
  • つ Neuronal arithmetic - ymtk _(:3 」∠)_
  • Where are you getting this info from? Shamnesty? - Ali Salaam / Insight-Media.co
  • Population Research Inst. is a front 4 religious right fanatics. EZ 2 C Author’s political agenda. Yet @nypost indulges his misinformation? #journalism? #sad How Peru forced poor women to get sterilized — and robbed one mother of her life - Dont Drag Me Down


Yol, insanın araf duygusunu en çok hissettiği yer sanırım; bir yerden bir yere giderken aslınd

Yol, insanın araf duygusunu en çok hissettiği yer sanırım; bir yerden bir yere giderken aslında hiçbir yerde olmamak halini yaşıyorum. İki mekân arasındaki hiçlik. İk...

Feliz lunes 💕🙈🤩. Hoy tarteletitas de calabaza y espinaca con ensalada de huevo, rucula y to

Feliz lunes 💕🙈🤩. Hoy tarteletitas de calabaza y espinaca con ensalada de huevo, rucula y tomate 🥰. Súper rápidas y ricas 🥁🤗💪🏼. . Atentis! Que hoy pasamos ...