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  • [T]he perineum is “a gateway where energy enters & exits the body.” - Lotspfthpughta
  • Thank you for sharing this, Muska Janey. Couldn’t agree more. Reminded me of the incredible story of Instagrammer Isabella Santa Maria who spoke to us on #kintsugi awhile back: 'I turned my scars into artwork': - Sana Safi ثنا ساپۍ
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  • Neben Hochglanzbildern von #perlachturm, #fuggerei oder dem #hochablass finden sich auf #instagram auch Accounts, die #augsburg aus ungewöhnlichen Blickwinkeln betrachten. - AugsburgerAllgemeine
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  • So teaching about WWII is traumatizing to the young? It was traumatizing to the young fighting. Things like this cannot be left out of curriculum. Rewriting the history books because things in the past might be frightening. It was frightening. - Tinka Wenger
  • Conoce al instagrammer que parodia los mejores looks de las celebridades - Guadalupe Soñadora