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  • "Mobile is so powerful because it's available at the point of inspiration." @jkhoey via @bigmediumjosh @jarango - Teis Nygaard-Jensen
  • In case you missed it, it seems like their staged rollout, well, was accidentally not staged: - Felipe Delgado
  • Which makes it worse? - Kontra
  • @jarango @karlfast @cwodtke seconded: never trust Lenovo - James Melzer
  • I’m not a musician. Watched this explanation and don’t understand it fully, but I can appreciate it. It’s interesting that a piece that was near impossible to play has become a right of passage. It’s like group motor learning. - John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo
  • Really interesting debate on #accessibility and the ADA. - Jessica Striebich
  • A través de la excelente newsletter de ⁦@jarango ( - Daniel Torres-Burriel
  • Japan is designing the 100-year Life #digitalplaces @jarango - Uxfam
  • I saw they stopped producing it - Juan Rubio
  • Twitter Is Monkeying Around With The Order Of Tweets... - Christian DE NEEF