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  • Running against Senator Graham is a tough climb, but it's also a hill worth climbing. I’ve faced things folks have deemed impossible my entire life, and this is yet another journey where I prove that in America, the impossible is always possible. - Jaime Harrison
  • From violent bullies to finding self-love, @Holland_vvv shares what inspired his new single "Loved You Better" (exclusive) - billboard
  • ‘Arrowverse’ Boss Breaks Down Journey to ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ - Variety
  • Please take time to listen to this. A tale of incomprehensible loss and pain, and ultimately of courage. @ferkat_jawdat’s mother, Minawar Tursun, tells the story of 1.5 years in camps and prison. It is the story of more than 1 million interned in Xinjiang. - Paul Mozur 孟建国
  • In our new interview, queer K-pop icon @HOLLAND_vvv talks about how he went from being violently bullied, to loving himself, to releasing his latest song #lovedyoubetter - Billboard Pride
  • Sunheri and Mangal Das want to forget the anxieties which surrounded their long and arduous journey from Sindh. They arrived at the Majnu Ka Tila camp in New Delhi "two days ago". - Swarajya
  • #kgfchapter2 First Look: #sanjaydutt drops latest deets on the #firstlook and #fans cannot be not eager to witness the beginning of #adheera's journey - India.com
  • "This award, to my mind, is a journey which all of us will have to take to exist peacefully with other species," says Afroz Shah, who recruited an army of volunteers to clean up one of the world's most polluted beaches. #cnnheroes - CNN Heroes
  • “This is just the beginning. It’s a long journey.” - billboard
  • Over the decades, former colleagues say, Elizabeth Warren has evolved — she went from being described as an economically conservative professor, to arguably one of the fiercest liberal consumer advocates in the country. - NPR
  • The work the @nytimes is doing on the sickening evil of China's Uighur 're-education' camps is astonishingly good--but today's episode of The Daily podcast takes it to a whole new level. Listen, with kleenex - Bill McKibben
  • It’s great to see the light rail finally open. But at over 50 minutes from Randwick to Circular Quay it’s a VERY long trip from the East. In fact double the bus journey - The NSW Transport App advisors people to take the bus!! - Chris Minns
  • “You can physically escape, but your heart is always trapped.” A secret pipeline has helped hundreds of Hong Kong protesters flee to Taiwan to escape legal charges. We trace their journey in our video. - The New York Times
  • #fleabag’s second season broke hearts, won Emmys, and cemented creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a generational star. Here, her colleagues trace the journey from 12-minute monologue to show of the year. - The Ringer
  • “I shouldn’t be ashamed of who I am, and I’m not:” First openly trans Toronto police officer on his journey to self-acceptance - CityNews Toronto
  • Big news! Today we launch Ada Ventures a $34 fund focused on overlooked founders and markets. - Check Warner
  • The Tories are about to embark on a journey to find out how a health insurance model run by corporations works out for us. THIS IS HAPPENING. VOTE NOT TORY. SAVE OUR NHS. - ASAT
  • “Tessa was just beginning her journey at Barnard and in life,” Barnard’s president wrote in a campuswide letter. “We mourn this devastating murder of an extraordinary young woman and member of our community.” - The New York Times
  • The best new European rail journeys for 2020 - The Man in Seat 61


〘熱海市攻略戦Days186 時間差RAG〙 今月31日までお餅のみだが売るという張

〘熱海市攻略戦Days186 時間差RAG〙 今月31日までお餅のみだが売るという張り紙。 大晦日の食事どうしようかと思っていたので店の営業...

The festive season is always a tough one for me.. So far im still implementing banting (as much as i

The festive season is always a tough one for me.. So far im still implementing banting (as much as i can)... I snack on biltong, nuts, yogurt or an apple... My breakfasts & dinner ...

พัง ซ่อม แล้วก็พัง แล้วก็ซ่อมใหม่ จน

พัง ซ่อม แล้วก็พัง แล้วก็ซ่อมใหม่ จนถึงปลายทาง เข้าใจว่าซ่อมไป ...


As you continue along this journey of life, remember to remember your SELF. Move beyond the egoic re

As you continue along this journey of life, remember to remember your SELF. Move beyond the egoic realms of me-me-me that have you in fear and comparison. Make a powerful choice t...