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  • Hi this is my Saturday night kbye - Sam Evans-Brown
  • Hello, good morning. Yearly reminder that 239 people and a PLANE disappeared into thin air 5 years ago and is proof that we’re living in the same timeline as LOST. Kbye - Kayla Kawalec
  • I got Black Widow!! - Ben
  • Hi we solved all the world's problems in this week's issue kbye - Kira Bindrim
  • Yeayh. Kbye. I got 98% Dateable! - Nor.
  • I got Min Yoongi ayy coincidence? i think not! cmon wbk im in love with him and hes the loml kbye - yuki is back 🥰
  • I got: Chanyeol I KNEW WE WERE MEANT TO BE HAHAHAHAHA KBYE - Sweety Saplan
  • 1) like...ok? 2) congrats? 3)a lot of my friends did the same. Where are their articles? 4) thx I know I failed kbye - Charly Evon Simpson