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  • Australia is burning. Downtown Sydney was partially evacuated due to the smoke. Ferry service was cancelled due to low visibility. Fire alarms are randomly going off inside buildings. Schools are keeping children inside. This is a climate emergency. - Eric Holthaus
  • The simplicity of the two Trump Articles is a great virtue. It’s also a bit of an illusion: #both Articles contain language pointing to a “consistent” pattern of similar “previous” conduct — language that opens a multitude of windows. - Laurence Tribe
  • Pete Frates challenged us all to fight harder for a cure to ALS – & in doing so he inspired the world. My heart goes out to Pete’s wife, daughter, family & friends in MA & across the US. Let’s remember him by keeping up the fight for the people we love. - Elizabeth Warren
  • By agreeing to hear this trio of cases in March, SCOTUS kept Trump’s obsession with keeping his tax records secret out of the impeachment debate but ensured that, whichever way it rules in June, his money madness will be front and center next November - Laurence Tribe
  • The order’s move to define Judaism as a "nationality" promotes the classically bigoted idea that American Jews are not American. Trump’s Executive Order is not about keeping Jews safe. This is just more antisemitism. - Emily Mayer🔥
  • 12 months ago today, the Liberals promised us a National Integrity Commission. 12 months later, we’re still waiting. A Government without integrity – and one that doesn’t even believe in keeping their own promises. - Anthony Albanese
  • "I Congratulate People Of Assam For Keeping Away From Violence": PM Modi - NDTV News feed
  • Moderate Democratic Rep. Tom O'Halleran says that he will vote to impeach Trump next week, keeping intact support from all five of Arizona's Democratic House members. - Kyle Griffin
  • Once again, when Joe Biden pressed for the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor, he was acting in keeping with official US policy, which was supported by EU diplomats, the IMF and even several Republicans in the US Senate. - Kevin M. Kruse
  • A 17-year-old girl in Tripura lost her life after she was held captive and raped for days allegedly by her boyfriend and his friends. The victim died after she was burnt alive by the accused and his family on Saturday. - OpIndia.com
  • Qld school runs out of water as commercial bottlers harvest local supplies Parents told to consider keeping Tamborine Mountain state school students at home, while trucks take local water to bottling plants for companies including Coca-Cola #qldpol - Geoff Payne
  • "As Halifax prepares to host the North American Indigenous Games in July, CBC's Information Morning is debuting a new column that will educate about Mi'kmaw culture." - 2020 North American Indigenous Games
  • Police are keeping their eyes peeled - BBC News (World)
  • The fatal attack on a Jewish market shows that New Jersey’s tough gun laws are not stopping imports. Police say 2 of the weapons used were bought in Ohio. Gun control advocates say federal laws are the answer, but that seems unlikely in a divided Congress. - The Associated Press
  • How is the White House keeping Republicans in lockstep on impeachment messaging? With an organized charm offensive that includes movie nights, trips to Camp David, and some 360 (POTUS-approved) media appearances in the last month. My story: - Katie Rogers
  • 3 Ways #vip Is Keeping Viewers Glued To Their Seats - Soompi
  • Give it up for Poland, the only EU country keeping it real. - Ewon
  • A school aide tragically died by suicide after an investigation was launched into footage of her keeping a... - ICARS Ban Restraint and Seclusion #ShineOnMax
  • Homebuilders aren't building homes for Millennials because the kind of homes we can afford are literally illegal to build in most places - dan reed, blake high school class of 2005


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