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  • アメリカのロックバンド“KISS” 引退を決意したジーン・シモンズさんの思いとは… - NHKニュース
  • The visual for @thedriverera's #akiss is here! - billboard
  • A Kiss music video premiering now on @billboard - The Driver Era
  • . "Trump has been informed that Johnson does not want him to offer his support publicly, amid fears an endorsement could end up harming the Prime Minister's chances, and improving those of Jeremy Corbyn." What with the NHS being on the table 'n'all. - 🌹Rev Jack Daniel Blake 7 of 9 Princes 🌎 #PCPEU🌹
  • What is this title “it’s everything”? - Antonio Moore
  • Anna is living her best life - Metro Entertainment
  • Tomo yo sold 208,950 in its first three days and 269,512 in its first week to clinch #1 on Billboard Japan’s Weekly Singles Chart! It has already beat crystal’s all time sales (249,152) as of this week Incredibly proud of Eighters - eighter
  • Congrats to @bts_bighit, who beat out the Rolling Stones, Metallica, KISS and more to become the top-grossing touring group of 2019: - Bryan Rolli
  • George H.W. Bush's Service Dog Sully Gets His Own Statue and a Kiss from JJ Watt in 48 Hours - People
  • This is the one thing I want Drumpfilthinskin to do. Nato Summit London: Donald Trump asked to keep quiet about Boris Johnson ahead of UK election - 🎃 Peter Hockley Deputy Assistant Cat Herder 🎃
  • Host A Holiday Party To Find Out Which BTS Member You'll Kiss Under The Mistletoe - BuzzFeed Community
  • Democrats are signing onto Trump’s signature trade deal — which will be delivered by his son-in-law — during impeachment proceedings, during an election. *chef’s kiss* - Waleed Shahid
  • People Who Dislike Billie Eilish's "Whisper" Singing Need To Hear What She Just Said About It - celebs snapchat
  • Funny world we live in. - Hai 🧢
  • Love Island's Anna Vakili tells trolls 'kiss my fat a**' as she posts thong snaps - Mirror Celeb
  • Golfer Tiger Woods and girlfriend put on a romantic display as they hold hands and kiss - Daily Mail Celebrity
  • Man suffered horrific injuries in 'homophobic' attack after sharing kiss in bar - Daily Mirror
  • On Saturday, 896 couples kissed under mistletoe to break a record... - The BOB & TOM Show
  • Ariel Winter Appears To Passionately Kiss Mystery Man After Splitting With Levi Meaden — See Pics - peter alexander


¡ Un viaje más de gratitud infinita! 🌼🎂♥️ Afortunada por tantas muestras de cariño, agr

¡ Un viaje más de gratitud infinita! 🌼🎂♥️ Afortunada por tantas muestras de cariño, agradezco a todos por sus lindos mensajitos en los distintos medios, por darse un ...