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  • Stray Dog in Canada Found Cuddling Orphaned Kittens Stuck in the Snow to Keep Them Warm - People
  • This bookstore fosters kittens! - CBC Books
  • Kittens live in Otis and Clementine's Books And Coffee. - CBC Books
  • Customers are often greeted at the door by the tiny felines, who enjoy basking in sunlight, exploring cardboard boxes stacked near the entrance and pouncing on each other. - CBC News
  • Stray Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Orphaned Kittens Warm - 🇨🇦 Daylene🐾🌊
  • Animals so often show beautiful love and compassion for each other, including across the species barrier. Let's challenge humans to do the same. - Camille Labchuk
  • “Freedom of expression laws are not there to protect statements such as ‘kittens are cute’ - but they are there to protect unpleasant things. Its utility lies in exposing people to things that they do not want to hear.” - Stephen Knight
  • The results, researchers say, are purrfectly comparable to what’s been seen in dogs. - NOVA | PBS
  • Six kittens and their mother have made a temporary home at a Nova Scotia bookstore and have free rein of the small shop - CBC British Columbia
  • Study finds kittens bond with their human caregivers like babies do - Lewis Whitecotton
  • Serenity the dog is the sweetest surrogate mom - People Pets
  • Especially since this little tidbit is likely well-known: - WinnaPig 🇨🇦 🌎 ♿️
  • #moseley #birmingham #uk Cruel Elizabeth Mary O’Sullivan 52 callously left behind 3 pet felines when she moved out of her flat. 1 cat(sadly to ill died)survived weeks w/ out food/water eating remains of other 2 cats which died from starvation/dehydration. - Bonnie Heather 🌱🐬🐾
  • "This was no simple train crash. It was a train that smashed into an orphanage and careered into an animal shelter before coming to rest on top of a box of kittens". Have you heard of a better description?! #princeandrew - Lisa Dwyer
  • Palace sweats on man who does not sweat. @JacktheInsider says the Prince Andrew PR train wreck: "smashed into an orphanage and careered into an animal shelter before coming to rest on top of a box of kittens". - The Australian
  • Winnipeg Humane Society looking for home for blind cat and the two kittens that help guide her - CTV Morning Live WPG
  • It was a weekend of paws and purrs in Bengaluru, as the latest edition of PetFed festival unfolded at the Jayamahal Palace grounds. More than 3,500 people made a beeline to the carnival along with their fluffy, four-legged buddies. - Bangalore Times
  • See listings of kittens up for adoption at pet adoption centers in and around St. Louis. #adoptapet - Christopher Meade