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  • Will the car industry see another #kodak Moment during coming 10 years? Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide - Joakim Holmer 🇸🇪
  • This is how Kodak really died. - Aron G. Katz
  • Where did Roger Stone get the photos from? Melania’s nude photo shoots were recorded on a Kodak Brownie from the catacombs of ancient Rome! - Randy Millage
  • The road to the graveyard on Wall Street is littered with the bones of companies, such as Eastman Kodak, which wasted a great deal of valuable time by coming up with one ill-fated plan after another and also failed to act decisively when transformative... - Christian Gericke
  • "compare Instagram to Kodak, without offering solutions to the problem that Kodak once employed 145,000 people in middle-class jobs, compared to a few thousand workers at Instagram" - Jef Hall
  • it was very good speech. And this young Guy with Downs Syndrome Runs Across The Stage To Hug President Trump. After Singing God Bless America. That was definately a Kodak Moment. And President Trump Hugs Him And Meets The All The Band Members. - john bilton
  • Is IP value probed as part of your Corporate Governance? Bid low for Kodak IP- FT.com-Technology - Strattomics
  • Seems like #generalmotors is naive as most of the German automotive industry. Who will make the transition? Who is going to end like #kodak and #nokia once did? #emobility #tesla #model3 - Sebastian Henneberg
  • Related: the 'Shirley' card - Morten @ home
  • In defense of Kodak and its ‘failure’ to innovate - Regate S.A.
  • This is the *perfect* gift for teen girls - Stanley Ng Kok Wah
  • Another Kodak moment ... De La Rue’s past failings are tearing up a £500m British business - walidnegm
  • See why I brought up Charles Manson since I mean y'all probably all in prison together right so... - ㄣ
  • Another one: the 401k - a section written by a 28 year old after Kodak execs lobbied to defer some of their comp to retirement to reduce their tax burden. Originally designed for the rich. Now? 10 Trillion dollar asset class that gutted pensions. - Shlok Vaidya
  • $SOLO $KODK $CAAS - Eastman Kodak among consumer gainers; Garrett Motion leads the losers - Breaking News
  • Tautachrome, Inc. (#otc: $TTCM) Includes KlickZie Steganography (Invisible Watermarking) in Upcoming Release of ARknet 1.3.0. #photography #filmphotography #film #canon #canona1 #kodak200 #kodak #streetphotography #streetart #c41 #analogue #believeinfilm - M.J
  • 最新iPhoneなのにKodak。アナログ感がにじみ出るiPhone 11シリーズ用ケース / - ℒₐ⁺
  • デザインも印刷方式も機能も個性豊かで、選びがいがありますよ。#チェキ #inspic #kodak - 【公式】マイナビニュース デジタル


’Catholic Conspirators’ is a series taken at bonfire night which marks the anniversary of the di

’Catholic Conspirators’ is a series taken at bonfire night which marks the anniversary of the discovery of a plot organized by Catholic conspirators to blow up the Houses of Pa...