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  • #nyfcc names Kristen Stewart best supporting actress for role in Clouds of Sils Maria - The Hollywood Reporter
  • KStew hated how her romance with Robert Pattinson was a "commodity" - HuffPost
  • The former Edward Cullen, getting raves for GOOD TIME, talks sudden celebrity, Twihard fanatics, KStew & reinvention - Scott Feinberg
  • [email protected], Kristen Stewart and More Summer Movie Stars Doing Double Duty - The Hollywood Reporter
  • "You’re aware my costars on this film are my thumbs.” -#kstew - WIRED
  • VIDEO: Full @AFIFEST Indie Roundtable w/ Chandor, Chazelle, Cotillard, Gyllenhaal, Hader, Monaghan, KStew & Swinton! - Scott Feinberg
  • Why #kstew isn't on Twitter: "What would I tweet about? What? I can't even understand it." - USA TODAY Life
  • For all of us KStew lovers out there....Critics Pick Kristen Stewart's 10 Best Performances - Jon Frosch
  • Exclu: #kstew-Chloe Sevigny project LIZZIE BORDEN taps Craig William Macneill to direct - Rebecca Ford
  • Riley Keough talks @MadMaxMovie, her wedding & twinning with KStew...for reals! - Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Where did #equals stars Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult go to eat while their film premiered at #tiff? Hooters - The Hollywood Reporter
  • We talk Tarzan's abs, KStew, TV v. film + more...THR Critics Debate: More Pain Than Pleasure in This Summer's Movies - Jon Frosch
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  • [email protected]'s great @tnyfrontrow read my KStew piece - Scott Feinberg
  • KStew on Donald Trump's obsession with her: 'I'm so gay dude' - HuffPost Canada
  • KStew and PStew...this is great! RT @THR: Exclusive: @SirPatStew to play Bosley in #charliesangels - Mel
  • Heads up KStew fans: The ax murderer drama LIZZIE with Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart will get a theatrical release this summer from Roadside Attractions - Tatiana Siegel
  • @mimbale goes deep on KStew | Critic's Notebook: Let's Start Appreciating Kristen Stewart as a Great Actress - Jon Frosch
  • After bowing early on DirecTV, #kstew & Nicholas Hoult's @EqualsTheMovie in theaters - Pamela McClintock


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Kristen for ELLE France 📷Philip gay •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #i...