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  • Pence makes surprise trip to Iraq to reassure Kurds and greet troops - Los Angeles Times
  • US military patrols in northern Syria made Ibrahim Hassan feel safe. But when they left and Turkish attacks began, he and thousands of Kurds had to run for their lives. - CNN
  • Turkey threatens to veto Nato plans unless the Syria Kurd militia is labeled a 'a threat' - The Independent
  • Bunch of hypocrites: Macron is a sponsor of terrorism, says Turkish foreign minister who recently massacred Kurds in Syria. - Imam of Peace
  • Are these European stabbings connected? Are they terrorists Trump said would go to Europe after he agreed to let Erdogan have his way with the Kurds, thus freeing ISIS prisoners? Multiple people wounded in stabbing attack in The Hague, Dutch police say - Barbara Malmet
  • Germany is allied with #turkey as one of its biggest weapons suppliers, at a time where Erdogan’s proxies are ethnically cleansing and terrorizing the #kurds. History will condemn Germany as much as it should Erdogan. - Hawzhin Azeez
  • In #syria, Trump took the Pentagon by surprise by fulfilling a campaign promise to bring troops home. The move damaged US national security interests.....; he was universally scorched for abandoning Syrian #kurd allies who had led the fight against #isis. - Azad Nebi
  • What life looks like for the Kurds of Syria, now that the U.S. has pulled back - TIME
  • There are two possible explanations for the U.S. Resuming Large-Scale Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria: - everything Trump said about ISIS being defeated was a lie - or, Trump's withdrawal from N Syria and betrayal of the Kurds let ISIS free again - John Oberlin
  • Pence telling Kurds that the Trump administration loves them is like an abusive spouse expressing love after a brutal beating. - Barbara Boxer
  • Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Legislation That Has Angered China - Jeb Bush
  • Translation: Qatar supports displacement of Kurds and other minorities. - Irina Tsukerman
  • Considering all he is NOT being impeached for: Constant violations of the Constitution (emoluments clause). Ridiculous waste of taxpayer money (golfing fees). Babies in cages. Kurd genocide. Merchandizing military to Saudis. Kushner bought by MBS. - John Moffitt
  • Striking that 16 years after American invasion of Iraq, a visiting VP cannot go to Baghdad (“security concerns”), speaks to the prime minister by phone (which he could have done from DC) and heads north to assure the Kurds that US will never abandon them. - David Sanger
  • You know who was really good at helping us fight ISIS in Syria? The Kurds. - Frank Luntz
  • two pieces about #reconciliation between #kurds (kurdish militias contributed to carrying out the #genocide) and #armenians from april 2015, at the 100th commemoration, as reported by me from #digranakert #diyarbekir. - Frederike Geerdink
  • “Turkey Operation instigated developments Ankara wanted to avoid. Saudi Arabia &UAE have improved their ties with Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. The Kurds, regressed on the ground but gained new diplomatic channels Rival Kurdish parties are reuniting - Anne Speckhard
  • Turkey accelerated its ethnic cleansing campaign everywhere against Kurds. It’s fair to say that Turkey tries to eradicate Kurdish ethnicity in anyway possible.More than 33 million Kurds under Turkey’s occupation now going under their very existential test - Mardini
  • Inside the unlikely ties between Israel and the Kurds - Haaretz.com


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هنده ك وئنه ژ حه لقا بهيت l .like and commnt💭♥️ .video Editor 🎬🎭 .Thanks for watching🖤👀 ☟ ☟ ☟ ☟ @ 🎤💙 @star_s_ahmad ————...

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هەموو ڕۆژيک پۆستی نوێ😇 هەميشە ليرە شتی جياواز ببينە🖤 ڵايک و کۆمينت لە ياد مەکەن🌸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

سەردەمێکە کە ماچەکان ساردی ساردن گوڵە سـورە عاشــقانە

سەردەمێکە کە ماچەکان ساردی ساردن گوڵە سـورە عاشــقانەکان زەردی زەردن ئا لەم سەردەمەدا من کڕیاری ت...