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  • Why most terrorist attacks in UK r carried out by Pakistani Punjabis? Why not British Muslims of Turkish, Iranian, Baloch, Kurdish or Malay ancestry get involved in #londonbridge type attacks? My column in ⁦@TheTorontoSun⁩ explores the phenomenon. - Tarek Fatah
  • 5. After which, Turkey denied it had approved NATO defensive plans for eastern Europe, plans Turkey has held hostage until NATO's 28 other allies declare the Kurdish YPG a terrorist organization (which NATO won’t do). - Brett McGurk
  • “When US President Donald Trump withdrew peacekeeping troops from Northern Syria last month, he executed the latest in a string of historic betrayals by the West towards the Kurdish people.” #rojava #kurdistan - Samira Ghaderi
  • A dispatch from Mardin, a province in south-east Turkey where the elected mayor - and five mayors of local sub-districts - have been removed from office and replaced by government-appointed trustees: - Laura Pitel
  • President Donald Trump and fellow NATO leaders approved a defense plan for the Baltics and Poland, overcoming resistance from Turkey, which had threatened to block it unless other alliance members designated Kurdish fighters in Syria as terrorists. - Stars and Stripes
  • Trump: “We’re betraying our Kurdish allies because we have to get our troops out of the Middle East.” Also Trump: “Maybe sending another 14,000 troops to the Middle East would be good.” - The Tennessee Holler
  • Turkish militias reportedly going house to house killing Kurdish families - Dagfinn Ring
  • Via Hevalan Confederation:"The PYD wants the Kurdish National Council to pull out of the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition that is taking part in now-stalled UN-facilitated talks... - Emergency Committee for Rojava
  • Hevrin Khalaf was dragged from her vehicle and executed by Erdogan backed jihadists in the first days of “Operation Peace Spring”. The name of this operation offering a dark irony on many levels. This happened months ago. This is not ancient history. - Matthew Phillips
  • Turkey begins resettling nearly 3 million mentally very disturbed and dangerous Islamists elements in newly occupied Syrian Kurdish land which’s almost all of them are Jihadi terrorists and their families.Ethnic cleansing against Kurds has become a routine - Mardini
  • SDF woos Syrian Kurdish rivals in wake of Turkish assault - Hassan Ghazi
  • Most notably, the meetings took place at the SDF’s behest and this comes after years of snubbing the Kurdish National Council as inept and weak. Read more: - Amberin Zaman
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had several military goals: to eradicate the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and all its components; establish a safe zone, to build housing for 2 million refugees in that zone. But it didn’t work out. - American Friends of Kurdistan
  • A reminder that Turkey has summarily removed from office some 30 Kurdish mayors & replaced them with government officials whose job mainly is to quash Kurdish political identity - Aliza Marcus
  • Shara Sido, a 65 year old Kurdish mother received a photo of a bullet-riddled corpse with the instruction: "Come collect your son." This is how terrorists operate. This is the kind of violence and fear #erdogan wanted in #rojava. - Hawzhin Azeez
  • Turkey plans to speed up a fighter jet project with Britain. "The news is likely to be controversial as Turkish jets strafe Kurdish positions in northern Syria." #twitterkurds - @Hevallo
  • Who killed Syrian Kurdish activist Mashaal Tammo in 2011? France, England, Washington, Israel, Assad? - Yves Sauriol
  • Reuters Pictures of the year 2019 "Police use a water cannon to disperse demonstrators during a protest against the replacement of #kurdish mayors with state officials in three cities, in Diyarbakir, Turkey, August 20, 2019 @Sertac_Kayar - Mutlu Civiroglu
  • Fear and dismay as Erdogan tightens grip on Kurdish opposition - Mutlu Civiroglu


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تجربه زبونتي الحلوه 😍😍 نـحـت وتصـغير الانـف .. سيروم

تجربه زبونتي الحلوه 😍😍 نـحـت وتصـغير الانـف .. سيروم قطرات مركزة نقيـة بدون اي مكون كيميـائي وأمـ...

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خەڵاتی هەفتانە 🎁🎁 لە ALAN FASHION لە ژێر پۆستەکانمان زۆرتر

خەڵاتی هەفتانە 🎁🎁 لە ALAN FASHION لە ژێر پۆستەکانمان زۆرترین هاوڕێی کچت تاگ بکە ❤ ببە بە براوەی خەڵاتی...

زۆرکەس پرسیاری کرد گوایە پۆستەکانی تیک-تۆک'م چۆنە و وە

زۆرکەس پرسیاری کرد گوایە پۆستەکانی تیک-تۆک'م چۆنە و وە جیاوازییەکەی چی دەبێت لەگەڵ ئینستگرام - ئەمە...