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  • My heart breaks for Ashwaq. She’s been through so much. Raped at 14. Fled to Germany. There, she’s confronted by her Isis captor in the street. Reports him to authorities and is told: “he’s a refugee like you”. She’s scared and returns to Kurdistan. - Julie Lenarz
  • Kurdistan Ezidi rescue office announces the rescue of 3 Ezidi girls &women from barbaric Jihadi terrorists nearly five years long slavery and reunited with their families in Kurdistan. Reminder, in 2014, Jihadi terrorists committed genocide against Ezidis - Mardini
  • ‘Under Every Yard of Sky’: Life in Iraqi Kurdistan, a land of both war and hope - Arif Zêrevan
  • What part of this report is new or surprising in light of decades of Turkish terrorism towards Kurds and other minorities in the region? #rojava #kurdistan - Hawzhin Azeez
  • I'm still in shock after reading @aminahekmet Hussein's ghastly tale of #turkey's invasion and ethnic cleansing of Syrian #kurdistan. Please, #europe, stand up and get #erdogan to respect a border... and a people! #catalans remember the 1939 war and camps. - M Strubell
  • Kurdistan’s Barzani Family Spends $47 Million on Two Beverly Hills Homes - farhan
  • Turkey uses multiple weapons in its ethnic cleansing project against defenseless and noble Kurdish folk. Turkey is building a dam in northern Kurdistan’s to flood Heskif city in Batman region which’s the oldest Kurdish settlement in the world - Farhad Seidi
  • Kurdistan is attempting to unite its Peshmerga forces, but the process has been complicated by competing political interests within the government - Al-Monitor
  • do you not feel shame? IMMS is the company in charge of funneling the kurdish oil from karkouk.. it is owned by the pakistani/canadian Murthada Lakhani. enough lies, you have been misleading the people for the last 15 years. shame on you. - Winged†Death
  • #new from #kurdistan trip @SDF_Syria woos Syrian Kurdish rivals in wake of Turkish assault w/ ⁦@AlizaMarcus⁩ ⁦@dkhalifa⁩ ⁦@CrisisGroup⁩ @SalehMaslem #kurdish National Council - Amberin Zaman
  • here at the #bardarash refugee camp in Iraqi #kurdistan, any mention of Turkey prompts fury and disgust. #rojava - Roj
  • @AppleSupport. Will you be ceding to the demands of all illegal occupiers if sales are threatened? Palestine, Tibet, Kurdistan? - arkofdevon 🕷
  • Spain’s authoritarian streak in #catalonia is being emulated by Turkey, whose govt has justified the removal of #kurdistan officials following Spain’s lead, and China, which has argued that police violence in Catalonia legitimizes its #hongkong crackdown   - [ David d'Ent.🎗🌊 #JoSócCDR ]
  • From Kurdistan to Tehran: the urban-rural divide as Iranians turn out to vote Western Society best pay attention... - pcbsc
  • Even as Iran said the protests had been crushed, new reports emerged of resistance/revenge in the provinces of Khuzestan, Sistan & Baluchistan and Kurdistan -- all with ethnic minorities and separatist movements. @farnazfassihi @meganspecia - rickgladstone
  • I’d like to report a theft of 47 million dollars from the people of Kurdistan by a corrupt government official - Gerki
  • Yemen | Beyond calls for independence, Al Mahrah's former ruling dynasty expressed a willingness to make concessions, taking the example of Iraq's Kurdistan. "Al Mahrah should remain a peaceful land. So we can have our own system within the state." - Sebastian Castelier
  • Oh yeah. And this oil smuggling scheme from kurdish held territories in Iraq going on since is just a coincidential. The same scheme later in Syria in kurdish held territories doubly so, right? - barbs
  • Where the Kurdish road ends: In Iraq and Turkey, The Globe retraces a people’s path from hope to betrayal. Pictures by @andreadicenzo #kurdistan #twitterkurds - Adam Mirani


😍سەیری ستۆری بکەنپۆستی شاز😍. 😜بینەری جوانترین پۆست

😍سەیری ستۆری بکەنپۆستی شاز😍. 😜بینەری جوانترین پۆست بەلێرە 😍. 😎ئێمە بۆ خزمەتی ئێوەڵێرەین😜. 😜...