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  • In a major blow to israel, Canada breaks with its recent stance & votes against it at the UN, after the US's cynical move to re-write int'l law - Sarah Wilkinson
  • First the Modi govt pushed through electoral bonds despite RBI, EC concerns. Then it broke its own rules (to prevent money laundering)and ordered an illegal sale of bonds before state elections (special bond sales can only happen for LS elections). - Nehmat Kaur
  • On much popular demand I am posting this article of mine which puts in perspective why we are at Siachen Glacier. It was posted a month ago. No one took note. With the avalanche there is greater interest. Posting a map separately. Spoke at L&T on this. - Syed Ata Hasnain
  • A former marine is now a cop, walking the streets of Hollywood on the homelessness beat. She sees a flawed strategy, haphazard execution and discouraging results. “They’re refugees from the American dream.” - Los Angeles Times
  • Wow, this #borrellthegaffe @JosepBorrellF is really a loose cannon. @vonderleyen will have a lot of fun with him. He will take down the few good things that #eu still has in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see his incompetence unfold - Thomas G. Schulze 🎗 (personal account)
  • OMG One can't make this up The guy (@KenDilanianNBC) who wrote the latest NBC smear article against @TulsiGabbard, "Russian web trolls boo Biden, often boost Gabbard, report finds" was a L.A. Times Disowned Reporter Outed as a CIA Collaborator. - Sonia Mota
  • चौकीदार की चोरी भी, भागीदारी भी.... Despite RBI saying a No, @narendramodi govt went ahead with funding through electoral bonds. Forget the rules, they gave order of illegal sale of bonds before state elections (They can only be sold during LS elections) - All India Mahila Congress
  • Heavy rain falls in downtown L.A. as the first storm of the season moves through the Southland. - CBS Los Angeles
  • Gina Fields, who sits on the Empowerment Congress West Area neighborhood council, said her group is determined to protect L.A.'s "last long-standing African American neighborhood.” “We do not want our neighbors priced out and displaced,” she said - David Zahniser 🦅
  • Column: As L.A.'s homeless crisis worsens, no one is in charge. That has to change - L.A. Times: L.A. Now
  • A Pentagon spending document obtained by the L.A. Times shows $35 million of the roughly $400 million in aid for Ukraine remains in U.S. accounts. It's not clear why. - Los Angeles Times
  • My new film #3022 is out on 11/22! - LeFox
  • 61% of the transplanted trees at #aarey for the Metro 3 car shed are dead&2700 trees chopped off in the middle of the night. Yesterday in the LS discussion on air pollution,barely attended by MPs,heartening that ⁦@ShivSena⁩ made its voice heard. - Priyanka Chaturvedi
  • Workers at Proterra's electric bus factory just organized a union (@USW675). But what's more, our community-labor coalition won a pledge from Proterra to negotiate a Community Benefits Agreement. So... what's a CBA? And why is this a big deal? THREAD 1/ - Jobs to Move America
  • The absolute worst time to leave Southern California: 5 to 7 p.m. on Nov. 27, the day before Thanksgiving. - Los Angeles Times
  • Electric bus workers in L.A. unionized with the support of their Silicon Valley CEO. What brought the two sides together? The looming threat of climate change. - Los Angeles Times
  • Grammy nominations in classical go to the L.A. Phil, Gustavo Dudamel and 'Sustain' - Los Angeles Times
  • Fear of L-G-B-T trumps fear of L-O-R-D. - Dennis Prager
  • Media coverage of the Tories - Overwhelmingly positive. Media coverage of Labour - Overwhelmingly negative. Those Media-owning Billionaires really don't like the idea of paying tax, huh? #media #ge2019 #votelabour2019 - El Christo


✨Ladies Sarah is fully booked until the new year. We still have Orliagh and Jenny in the salon. .

✨Ladies Sarah is fully booked until the new year. We still have Orliagh and Jenny in the salon. . ✨Orliaghs remaining availablity for the year; . ✨November✨ 27th - 12,2,4 2...



Feeling super grateful for all these guys right here❤️ It’s a crazy circus most of the days, a

Feeling super grateful for all these guys right here❤️ It’s a crazy circus most of the days, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything🙃 ( or maybe I just forgot what quiet & ...