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  • Furious Andrew Marr accuses Priti Patel of ‘laughing’ at businesses fearing Brexit after Home Secretary smirks during interview – The Sun - Gus Logan
  • LABR AL, NL owners prepare to set the bar for 2018 fantasy baseball auctions - USA TODAY - Doug Friedman
  • Fantasy owners had some tough FAAB decisions this week. Here's how it went down in AL #labr: - USA TODAY Fantasy
  • What were they thinking? You probably asked yourself that when you saw the AL #labr results. Now, you can find out. - USA TODAY Fantasy
  • #labr draft order set - Jason Collette
  • Scottish Labour slam John McDonnell's referendum claim party won't block indyref2 - Gus Logan
  • Sports Weekly's annual #fantasybaseball draft guide, a.k.a. The Leviathan, is on sale now. Projections, $ values, #labr results/analysis, strategy guide & more! - Steve Gardner
  • The @usatodaysports weekly Fantasy Extra issue is here! Your ultimate #fantasybaseball draft resource: Rankings, projections, strategy, #labr results/analysis, prospects & more. Updated Top 200 overall rankings: - USA TODAY Fantasy
  • Fantastic #labr weekend. Lots to process, learn for those in -only leagues. AL recap: - Steve Gardner
  • Labor to offer $2,000 rebates for battery systems in homes - Ray Marx & Robyn Deane (RKD)
  • You may have read the edited version in the Leviathan, but now get the full story on NL #labr! The inflated egos, the failed strategies, the veiled insults, the $137 pitching staff (!) and much more: - Steve Gardner
  • In their own words: AL #labr owners discuss their strategies, what went wrong and what went right. Plus full LABR rosters. Who has the best team? - Steve Gardner
  • The idea is to focus on hitting, and draft with value in mind, not balance. But can you take this theme too far? Here's my Mixed LABR draft review. - scott pianowski
  • Draft order for #labr Mixed is set. @baseballpro’s @BretSayreBP picks 10th. - Mike Gianella
  • Made a couple trades in #labr this week with @allinkid & @enosarris. Some inside intel about when/how to make deals: - Steve Gardner
  • #labr #fantasybaseball auction recap. Learn from the pros. - USA TODAY Fantasy
  • Happy #labr Day 1! Join us tonight. Coverage 8p ET, #fantasybaseball mixed draft 8:30. - Tim Heaney
  • Labr? An App For Organizing Workers Is Coming - BuzzFeed News
  • Labr's fear tactics and misinformation must be tackled head on and defeated - Ian Russell


Вчера вечером, была такая красотища на озере. ❤️ Перво

Вчера вечером, была такая красотища на озере. ❤️ Первое фото с обработкой, остальные нет. Потрясаю...

😂 ТАКОГО, Я НЕ ОЖИДАЛА😂 Со звуком обязательно❗❗❗ Ри

😂 ТАКОГО, Я НЕ ОЖИДАЛА😂 Со звуком обязательно❗❗❗ Риччи в кустах нашёл себе невесту "Далматинца"...

Когда вместе смотришь в одну сторону.... почти 😜... балт

Когда вместе смотришь в одну сторону.... почти 😜... балтийский ветер, солнце и даже кто-то умудрился ...

"Как хорошо гулять, когда новый снег сцепился со старой ледяной коркой, - думала я, труся утром по до...