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  • Time 4 ur weekly dose of @Ladybeard_Japan complete with the song #labradorretriever - SBS PopAsia
  • Before-and-after of #labradorretriever Sampson, 187 lbs, mentioned in my @NYTmag piece: - Roxanne Khamsi
  • Labrador Retriever still America's top dog #labradorretriever - Mike McBride
  • When Delray responds to a call, it's the paramedics who are the ones that get a helping hand — a helping paw, actually. #labradorretriever #alberta - 24PetWatch
  • King George VI made the yellow #labradorretriever popular. Now this breed is teaching us about obesity. cc @People - Roxanne Khamsi
  • YaY for #zoe!! Way To Go!! #opp #canineunit #algonquinpark #ontario #canada #labradorretriever #labs - Steve Steinbach
  • Rooting for Roo! #k9 #dogs #puppies #labradorretriever Dog with 6 legs adopted by bullied teen: 'Now he's got a best friend' - Inland K9 SAR
  • A #labradorretriever named West becomes the fifth trauma service dog in B.C. and the 25th in Canada. - Canadian Kennel Club
  • RIP to my girl! - Marilyn Schairer
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  • I can definitely support this @kyliejanekremer & @samadamstpp! #labradorretriever Ohio might soon have an official state dog. 12 other states already do - Amy Kremer
  • Jackie was dropped off at a kill shelter and was on euthanasia list when Bloom adopted her... Now this senior #labradorretriever is #bestinrescue! #loveyourpetday #rescuedog via @PEOPLEPets @hallmarkchannel - MichelleVicary
  • Hey #brooklyn #dog lovers! Here's a tidbit on our four-legged friends. The #pitbull remains a popular breed, as does the #labradorretriever and #chihuahua. Adopt a pet from @NYCACC in #eastnewyork or any other shelter; every animal deserves a loving home. - Eric Adams
  • Grieving A Beloved Pet? She found a spiritual answer: - Sharon Vincz Andrews
  • THIS DOG ON A MISSION WILL MELT YOUR HEART:#labradorretriever helping in the #mexicocity rescue. #earthquakemexico - ShellyRibando
  • Zoe, a two-and-a-half-year-old #labradorretriever, worked with the OPP to find two 16-year-old girls after they had been missing in Ontario's #algonquinpark for 3 days. Both girls have been returned safely to their families.   - Canadian Kennel Club
  • Dog is jealous of the other dog in the family who gets "special treatment" aka ear medicine! So his owner plays pretend with him, to make him happy We are living for this! #funnydogs #labradorretriever - Pet Assure
  • Yeah, this is so Banjo! He also waits patiently for my homemade peanut butter cookies to come out of the oven. #labradorretriever // Labrador Patiently Waits For Stuffed Animals To Come Out Of The Drying Machine - RebeccaReigelsberger
  • #dogs are Awesome: How Zoe the police dog sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's densely forested 7,653 km² #algonquin Park. #k9 #sar #labradorretriever - Richard Anderson


| aqui em casa não tem essa de

| aqui em casa não tem essa de "sem desculpas pra passeio" , porque NUNCA houve desculpa! Mudamos de bairro e estamos CHOCADOS com a quantidade de aumigos que moram em apartamento...

This is how Bruno reacted when I told him I needed to send him to kennels for a few days. It was hea

This is how Bruno reacted when I told him I needed to send him to kennels for a few days. It was heart breaking to drop him off. We were both upset. He tried to escape twice, like ...