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  • As the son Latino immigrants, @EddyPineiro’s story is easily relatable. How can you not root for this guy?! #latinogang - Andy Martínez
  • Progress, and yet there's still so much opportunity to showcase the undeniable influence of Latino artists on the music industry. #latinogang is real! Have you seen the top 10 list of most played artists lately? - Eliana Murillo
  • We are so happy that @jbalvin has been nominated for the category “The Latin Artist of 2019” at the @peopleschoice Awards!!! #pcas Voting is now open! LEGGO Familia!!! @vibraslab @SB_Projects #lafamiliamundial #lafamiliausa #pcas #latinogang - Ivania Jara 🇨🇷🇺🇸
  • Yup. #latinogang ! Make sure you catch me at Havana Club ATL ! On Feb we make 5 years giving ATL the #latinogang Movement !!!! This ain’t nothing new. I knew this was gonna happen since 2002 when we started doing TV for the masses !!!!! - Mr. I.O.P
  • Latinos stand up!!! #latinogang @JBALVIN @daddy_yankee - MetsFan113
  • My vote for #jbalvin Latin Artist category PCAs #latinogang #pcas - Rosy Rose Gonzalez
  • El Niño e Medellín #latinogang - Zyanya López
  • Yo voto por #jbalvin  en la categoria #thelatinartist  #pcas  vota tú tambien aquí - isabel LS
  • ¡Estamos muy contentos de que @jbalvin haya sido nominado para la categoría "El artista latino de 2019" en los Premios @peopleschoice! ¡La votación #pcas ya está abierta! LEGGO Familia !!! #lafamiliamundial #lafamiliausa #pcas #latinogang - yanitaferreyra
  • Acá una escuchando el playlist del @nytimes y de pronto, ¡zaz! suena "Contra la pared" de @JBALVIN - Andrea Faúndez C. 💚