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  • I mean, c’mon - who wouldn’t laugh? - David Sirota
  • "A lot of people laugh at it being a silly hobby, but it's a wonderful hobby." Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city. (BBC) - David Friend
  • "I hosted many events with businesses during my time as a minister. I had a stock question: “What opportunities might you be planning to capitalise on from Brexit?” This produced either a hollow laugh or embarrassed silence." Margot James, former Tory MP: - Tim Harford
  • 'Yeah it's a bit cheeky, and it gets people smiling sometimes when they are stuck in traffic' - Manchester News MEN
  • BBC News - General election 2019: SNP to take legal action over ITV election debate - Steven McLucas ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Give me a president who laughs in the face of billionaire class solidarity. - Zack Campbell🌹🐺 🔥
  • Bezos and Bloomberg are part of the problem. - Shahid For Change 🌹
  • Apprentice creator Mark Burnett and Trump have sporadically kept in touch and are in talks for projects after he leaves office including "The Apprentice: White House." I don't know whether to laugh or drink hemlock with my diet coke at lunch. - Amee Vanderpool
  • It’s usually easy to laugh off Apple’s elitism, but these comments from Phil Schiller about kids with Chromebooks being less likely to succeed is insidious - tc
  • There is no way that Kwarteng should be forgotten or forgiven for his despicable behaviour in the tax credit debate - Ian collins
  • “The government is in authoritarian mode and now is not the time for complacency. We can laugh away McCormack’s rants and Morrison’s raves, but the government that purports to stand for freedom is using the state to quell dissent” - 💧Ray Wilton 💧💦
  • Sorry got to laugh. she cN't even control he tiny party and yet she always spits venom at Labour for being split when they are the largest... - Redcountessa #IstandwithCorbyn
  • This is still one of my favourite all-time reads - you laugh out loud whilst reading, and in the end you realize such a wholesome content restores your faith in humanity, even if slightly. - Lexis
  • "As with Venezuela, Canada’s allegedly progressive Liberal government has chosen to align itself with the right." Why I laugh whenever Liberals claim to be "progressive". - Brad Fraser
  • WATCH: Crowd laughs as Kanye West claims he’s running for president in 2024 - XXL Magazine
  • First they ignore You, Then they laugh at You, Then they attack your digital platforms Then You Win!!! - Ian Ballantine-Gray #OurTimeIsNow! Vote Labour!!!
  • It’s not just Cameron, it’s all of that ilk From the day they are born they’re fed a diet of entitlement & superiority. Ruling the country is their hobby. We’re a football they pass amongst themselves, a laugh, a jolly jape, a stepping stone in a career - Buck Frexit! 🇪🇺🔶🖤 #FBPE #REMAIN
  • Google "Who discovered Ebola?" and you get a bunch of names — all of them white Western males. Dr. Jean Jacques Muyembe has been written out of history. He takes a breath and laughs, looking for the right way to respond. "Yes. It is not correct," he says. - Keerthik Sasidharan
  • this piece still makes me laugh a lot: - Matty Ryan



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