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  • Mohamed Salah has a laugh and a joke with Liverpool's Under 9 girls side as injured star repeats Scouse words and tries to do the 'shoot' dance - MailOnline Sport
  • Semi-regular reminder that Andrew Giuliani got kicked off Duke's golf team for having a meltdown which included throwing things at teammates and breaking clubs, sued Duke, and then this happened: - God "Everyone was in the loop" Emperor
  • Watch: The 'half-dead farmer brutally beaten by UP Police' gets up and runs after filming video is over Are we supposed to laugh or get outraged - Nupur J Sharma
  • Laugh instead of cry. This is literally what Kamala did but the negative articles rained down. - Bakari Sellers
  • you’d need a heart of stone not to laugh - Jim Pickard
  • Farooq Abdullah have shown the least or no resistance & is responding to the loss of his political standing with unsettling signs. “He often laughs without a reason and has little appreciation of the situation,” said a source close to his family. - Ahmer Khan
  • Rows, laughs, and a handshake Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed on the monarchy, the NHS, Brexit and trust in politicians in their first head-to-head TV debate of the election campaign Here are the key moments [tap to expand] - BBC Politics
  • Lilly Singh’s selective use of Black cultural products, including language, fashion and hairstyles — and often for laughs — is performed presumably without having to experience any of the insidious racism that comes with being in a Black body. - HuffPost India
  • Whilst the whole world laughs: Top lawyer calls Prince Andrew BBC interview 'a catastrophic error'. - Trutherbot Pyrate
  • The talk show skit shows the superstar leap back in surprise, as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern laughs. - nzherald
  • #frozen2 Review - Strong Characters And Gorgeous Visuals Overcome A Generic Story And Mostly Mediocre Songs via @Forbes by @ScottMendelson - Scott Mendelson
  • *laughs in British royal family* - Jack Murphy
  • Man shamed for proposing in KFC has the last laugh when companies offer to fund his wedding - The Sun
  • Key moment for Boris Johnson - audience laughs when he says the truth is important #itvdebate #leadersdebate - Mirror Politics
  • “That I always wake up in a good mood!” she laughs. “I do. Keith has said to me many times, ‘People should know that about you because it’s really unusual’. And there we go.” - a
  • Democrats just sit around and laugh about how full of s*^# they are. They literally believe nothing they say. - Kevin McLaughlin
  • I Can't Get Over These Photos Of Jameela Jamil Photobombing Celebs At HFPA's Golden Globe Ambassador Party - BuzzFeed
  • "I asked my sister how much a $50 gift card would cost to buy." - BuzzFeed
  • #demdebate crowd erupts in laughs as ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ chimes in 'I wrote the damn bill' on #medicareforall - Charles Davis 🇺🇸


Tonight was magical. I can literally feel the heart of this company all around me. Tonight felt like

Tonight was magical. I can literally feel the heart of this company all around me. Tonight felt like a dream. I can’t WAIT to go and meet all the children tomorrow and see and ex...