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  • If Bolton is serious about preserving the Republic he’ll present himself to testify instead of playing games about what he knows. It’s either party or country in this moment. - Joyce Alene
  • NEW: WH counsel Cipollone told top NSC lawyer Eisenberg in July to talk to Trump about NSC aides' concerns that Ukrainians were being unduly pressured. Eisenberg never did that nor reported the complaints to DOJ, believing no crime had been committed.  - Michael S. Schmidt
  • Oh, isn’t this precious - Mark R. Levin
  • Louisiana used to be a leader in U.S. energy production, but Governor John Bel Edwards has turned it into a leading lawsuit producer instead. - WSJ Editorial Page
  • Toronto immigration lawyer and immigrant defends Don Cherry’s comments - Mr Frank McVeety
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Footballer's lawyers win courtroom fight against woman accusing him of rape - Sky News
  • This impeachment inquiry is rotten and corrupt to the core. Washington’s elites will stop at nothing to maintain political control; they are terrified of a government of the people! - Rep. Mark Green
  • Whistleblower on whistleblower! New complaint alleges improper fundraising through GoFundMe for lawyer fees, possibly from foreign sources. - Tim Murtaugh
  • Breaking News: John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, has details on the Ukraine affair that lawmakers don't know about, his lawyer said - The New York Times
  • New- Whistleblower atty sends cease & desist letter threatening legal action to Trump for “engaging in rhetoric & activity that places my client..& their family in physical danger.” Seems like a power move & will expose Trump. Legal minds please weigh in. - Tom Joseph
  • BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer for Ukraine whistleblower sends White House cease and desist letter to stop Trump's attacks. #impeachmenttaskforce - Robert Cooper 🌊
  • Two senior aides told NSC lawyer John Eisenberg that they feared Gordon Sondland was improperly pressuring Ukrainian officials to help Trump. Instead of briefing Trump, Eisenberg and his deputy did nothing, according to a person briefed on their decision. - Kyle Griffin
  • Breaking via NYT: John Bolton has knowledge of "many relevant meetings and conversations" connected to the Ukraine pressure campaign that House impeachment investigators do not yet know about, his lawyer told lawmakers. - Kyle Griffin
  • NEW — Contra Trump’s claim, Gordon Sondland lawyer says there is no reason to believe the transcript of his deposition is altered and that "the clarification was released in the form that it was submitted” - Sam Stein
  • A 31-year-old lawyer and DACA recipient will make his Supreme Court debut on Tuesday, in a case that will determine the fates of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers — including his own - CNN
  • A lawyer who is also a DACA recipient will be at the table during Supreme Court arguments this morning. @Arianedevogue reports: - Priscilla Alvarez
  • Israel says int'l law doesn't apply to its occupation b/c "Palestinians don't exist" – that this hasn't been legally challenged is shameful - Sarah Wilkinson
  • Parasaran, the 92-year-old lawyer who stood for hours in courtroom arguing for Ram Lalla My last wish before I die is to see a logical end to this case, he says - Nupur J Sharma
  • recall that Bolton's lawyer said in a recent court filing that “there is a serious question as to whether Mulvaney waived the absolute testimonial immunity claimed by the president" when Mulvaney participated in the WH presser admitting a quid pro quo - Catherine Rampell


When you just study and stay focus for many hours, stressing out about upcoming exams and applicatio

When you just study and stay focus for many hours, stressing out about upcoming exams and application deadlines, there comes a time when you miss summer holidays. I need some balan...


No disrespect to my Susan’s out there, but INSURANCE COMPANIES LIE. . I mean think about it- why o

No disrespect to my Susan’s out there, but INSURANCE COMPANIES LIE. . I mean think about it- why on earth would they pay you more money when their entire business model depends o...