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  • Lawrence VanDyke got a "not qualified" ABA rating because his own colleagues described him as “arrogant, lazy, an ideologue, and lacking in knowledge of the day-today practice including procedural rules.” Republicans just made him a lifetime judge anyway. - Jennifer Bendery
  • Lawrence VanDyke's own colleagues say he's an arrogant ideologue who may not be fair to LGBTQ litigants. The GOP just made him a lifetime judge anyway. - HuffPost
  • There is one thing that #moscowmitchmcconnell actually gets accomplished. He confirms judges who are rated "not qualified" for lifetime appointments. The latest is pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT. That is the reason we must stop McConnell in 2020. - Barbara Boxer
  • So this is one of the worst articles I have ever read about Italian economic woes. Blaming China for them is... lazy at best, racist at worst. And I cannot count the errors in this piece: - Ilaria Maria Sala
  • "For some reason, and despite all assurances from reporters to the contrary, Hollywood is stuck on the idea that female journalists are having sexual relationships with their bosses, their sources, or both." - Celeste Headlee
  • Young, white, male, member of the Federalist Society, an ideologue whose own Senators worked with the White House to find a better suited candidate- but Van Dyke is in for life. This is the lasting damage Trump and McConnell do to the Judiciary. - Barbara Malmet
  • Here are 33 thoughtfully-curated beauty gift sets that they might think you picked out every item yourself, all sorted by price so you can find the perfect gift based on your budget - Insider
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has responded after Tucker Carlson attacked her district for being "dirty," which a guest on the show attributed to immigrants. - HuffPost
  • ‘Senate Confirms Trump Judicial Nominee Who Cried When Confronted With Anti-Gay Record’ I cry every time they appoint one of these guys who get the ‘rare “Not Qualified” rating from the ABA.’ ‘arrogant, lazy, lacking in knowledge’ - RynheartTheReluctant
  • Stephen LeDrew: Trudeau's not just reckless, he's lazy - National Post
  • Who has said this? In the entire history of twitter I can find only TWO tweets claiming grammar schools are full of “rich white” kids. Total strawman. - Laura McInerney
  • This morning’s inspiration... - Juliana Carroll
  • Want a lazy Saturday #womenintech catch up? You can now catch up on all of season two of @aimafidon's amazing #womentechcharge podcast Ft @RachelRileyRR, @Susie_Wolff, @MajaPantic70, @Alicebentinck and more. - Michaela Jeffery-Morrison
  • "Lazy Ohio Republican legislator let anti-choice lobbyist write his bill that will kill women." There, fixed it for you, @usnews. PS Killing women is not a "flap." - (((L'EtatC'estMoi)))
  • Republicans confirm judge rated 'not qualified' for being 'lazy,' 'arrogant' - Yahoo News
  • SNAP cuts give "impression that the program has to be protected from lazy, unemployed freeloaders while ignoring people caring for an elderly parent while out of work and dads looking for work but still trying to make sure their kids have something to eat" - San Francisco-Marin Food Bank
  • From card writers to personal bartenders: the last minute guide to a lazy luxury Christmas - Telegraph Luxury
  • Anyway he's a lifetime federal judge now. Link in here to how every senator voted. - Jennifer Bendery
  • Meanwhile, in the Senate… Two conservative DOJ lawyers confirmed to seats on the 9th Circuit, including one the American Bar Association called "arrogant, lazy, an ideologue and lacking in knowledge of the day-to-day practice including procedural rules." - Keegan Hamilton


✌️days after surgery and mom changed my bandages and wrapped me back up. The last two pics are a

✌️days after surgery and mom changed my bandages and wrapped me back up. The last two pics are a little hard to see, so if you get grossed out, DONT SWIPE! I’m getting so man...

Winters feels...yeyyyyy.... I always feel like sleeping all day in winters. And I can do that😄 Bu

Winters feels...yeyyyyy.... I always feel like sleeping all day in winters. And I can do that😄 But the work doesn't let me do it... How do you spend your winters?? . . . . #win...