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  • Ralph Ellison’s letters reveal an artist searching for a form that could carry his vision of black life in all its dimensions. - The New Yorker
  • “The Dolphin Letters,” which collects the correspondence of Elizabeth Hardwick and Robert Lowell from the period surrounding their divorce, turns out to be a better and a more important read than Lowell’s poetry from the time. - The New Yorker
  • Clive James was a great TV critic, but don’t forget Nancy Banks-Smith | Letters - The Guardian
  • Jewish, Muslim and other minority groups unite for Labour #votelabourhateracism - Justin Schlosberg
  • 75 survivors of terror attacks have urged us to learn the lessons of recent attacks. - Brendan Cox
  • In “The Dolphin Letters,” Robert Lowell’s desertion of Elizabeth Hardwick and appropriation of her letters seems even worse. - The New Yorker
  • Look to the future and vote for Labour, says Antony Gormley | Letters - Guardian Opinion
  • Brexit and the state of the union | Letters - Scotland / İskoçya
  • Reminder: The UK government owes a historic debt to Palestinians and has a duty to respect freedom of expression. Criminalization of Palestine solidarity is an attempt to suppress information and debate about Israel’s occupation, colonialism & apartheid. - BDS movement
  • For 37 years, Vanna White turned clue letters (or pressed buttons that made them electronically appear) on #wheeloffortune. @LATimesTVLloyd explains why this matters for the history of game show hosts, which has been largely a procession of dudes in suits - LAT Entertainment
  • What are political parties doing with your data?? @OpenRightsGroup has sent legal letters to Conservatives, Labour & Lib Dems alleging breaches of UK data law & demanding immediate halt to processing. Possible High Court injunction to follow - Carole Cadwalladr
  • Letters: Let Labour lose so they can elect a new responsible leader - The Independent
  • “Worse, #waspi women who lost out in the gender pay gap are simultaneously robbed by the retrospective raising of the state pension age” - #WASPI Campaign
  • Influencers pose a threat to democracy | Letters - The Lib Dems of SWF
  • Important from Prof Freedman: 'Rigorous academic research shows that, in the first three weeks of the election campaign, coverage of Labour in the press has been overwhelmingly negative, with the Conservatives receiving consistently positive coverage.' - Media Lens
  • Yours, for Probably Always: Martha Gellhorn’s Letters of Love and War 1930-1949 – review - Guardian Books
  • December, normally a quiet time in publishing, brims with new books this year, including a novel from Jeff VanderMeer, an examination of Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court and the collected letters of Ralph Ellison - New York Times Books
  • Don’t take our word for it, take the word of doctors and nurses who are convinced that Boris Johnson and the Tories have already put the NHS up for sale. - The Labour Party
  • Letters show hazards of 'Remain in Mexico' policy - West Virginia Topics




Which Serif letter do you find the hardest to draw? ⁣ ⁣- - -⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣S - The first way is w

Which Serif letter do you find the hardest to draw? ⁣ ⁣- - -⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣S - The first way is what you think a serif S should look like but it’s just one thick section in th...